How To Get A Great Night’s Sleep

By Camilla Hewitt

2 months ago

Five quick ways to rest easier

The quality of our sleep, or lack of, is directly linked to our energy, mood and performance. Most of us go from busy daytimes and drop straight into bed, leading to disturbed nights and unsatisfactory sleeping patterns. Looking to break the cycle? We’ve teamed up with UK wellness and CBD brand Kloris to share five easy ways to get a better night’s sleep.

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5 Ways To Get A Better Night’s Sleep

1. Use CBD

One of the wellness industry’s buzziest ingredients is cannabidiol – also known as CBD – thanks to its numerous physical and mental health benefits including lessening signs of acne and ageing, reducing chronic pain and inflammation, and soothing the mind and body to assist with anxiety and, you guessed it, sleep problems. The experts at Kloris have crafted an all-natural, ultimate collection of sleep hero products to begin your journey to better sleep.

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2. Foam Roll Into Bed

Foam rolling, which releases tension and deepens your bodily awareness, is the perfect way to prepare for a good night’s sleep. Adopting evening rolling gives you a moment to wind down before bed. The restorative, rhythmical movements connect the mind and body, acting as a form of meditative practice.

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3. Appetite For Sleep

Diet can have a big impact on our quality of sleep. ‘As well as avoiding stimulants [sugar and caffeine], try to increase your intake of sleep-inducing micronutrients,’ advises Lily Simpson, founder of Detox Kitchen. ‘These include: vitamin C, found in vegetables such as red peppers; tryptophan, found in fish, eggs, nuts and seeds; potassium, found in spinach and avocado; melatonin, found in tomatoes and oats; 3and vitamin B6, found in salmon and sweet potato.’

How To Eat For Better Sleep

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4. Calming Cover

Research shows that weighted blanket therapy forms a type of physical connection that has an abundance of positive effects on hormones governing the nervous system, affecting both mood and stress level. If you find yourself tossing and turning throughout the night this could be the remedy for you.

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5. Screen Free Zone

As the old adage goes, beds are for sleeping and sex only, so it’s time to make your sleep sanctuary a tech-free zone. Phones and laptops should not be used in bed, and should be set on the other side of the room to prevent itchy insomniac fingers reaching for them in the depths of the night. Make the most of your phone’s sleep mode, too, to avoid pinging distractions in the night, plus ease yourself through the evening with a gentler, yellow-tinted screen.

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