Boys Bedroom Ideas That are Smart & Sophisticated
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Boys Bedroom Ideas That are Smart & Sophisticated

Think beyond the blue walls

Boys Bedroom Ideas That are Smart & Sophisticated

Firetrucks, nautical themes, and navy blue: these are the things you probably first think of when you begin to think of ideas for a boy’s bedroom. But there are plenty of ways to push past the Thomas The Tank Engine clichés. Here are some hacks to consider: don’t make it too age-specific as you’ll constantly have a high maintenance room that looks dated quickly. If they are keen on choosing a paint colour that’s not particularly, let’s say, relaxing to look at, there’s ways to get around this: you can just paint the door, or choose a lighter shade of that same colour. 

All in all, you want it to feel contemporary, nod to their interests, with touches of family memorabilia, and trinkets, and for it to be an expression of their style and identity. Here are all the hacks to give a smart update to a boys’ bedroom.

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Glow in the dark Stars in a boy's or child's bedroom

Glow in the Dark Stars Please

Everyone secretly wishes they still have glow in the dark stars in their room, and we don’t blame you. Creating the cosiest night sleep, you can’t go wrong with this quick buy. 

Glow Stars Supernova, £73, Amazon,

Etsy flags gender neutral interiors

Cut the Cliches

Thomas the Tank Engine’s reign over boys’ bedrooms has probably had a long enough stint. Adding a bit of gender neutrality to the interiors always makes it a bit more interesting.

Wall hanging, £26.30, Etsy,


a swatch of colours

Swatch it Out

It’s fairly normal for kids to want the most saturated colour to paint their walls if you ask them what colour they want their walls repainted – an acid green, a popping neon orange perhaps. If you hand them a swatch you can agree by choosing that colour, but move it up to the fainter, more diluted version of that hue, and everyone’s happy.

Astro the original lava lamp: Copper Mathmos

Create Points of Calm

Create moments of calm with a lava lamp, that’ll help slow the pace of the day right down, whether their just winding down from the day or finishing off homework.

Astro: The Original Lava Lamp: Copper, £86, Mathmos,

A child's reading nook by Studio Peake

Create a Reading Nook

Create a literary sanctuary in their room, but remember, if you’re adding shelving always design it to their height, not yours, an easy mistake to make.

Image courtesy of Studio Peake

a green door

Paint the Door

If you really need a compromise on a seriously outlandish colour, why not steer them away from the walls and make their door the statement colour piece. It’s a win win for everyone.

A single bed rattan Vinterior headboard

Make the Headboard Do the Talking

Headboards are always underrated for kids’ bedrooms as a statement piece, and there’s plenty you can find Second Hand on Vinterior.

Image courtesy of Vinterior. Bamboo Single Bed Headboard, £257,

carboot sale second hand shopping

Go Second Hand

Vinterior, Narchie, eBay, Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace, as well as researching your local car boot sales and antique stores is always a good idea – especially as kids grow up fast and their tastes and needs change quickly.

Image courtesy of Unsplash, photographer: Anastase Maragos

a blue lego storage solution

Solving Storage

Toy storage doesn’t have to be an afterthought. Lego’s funky maxi lego brick box could answer the nightmare of a thousand lego pieces strewn around the room.

8-Stud Brick Drawer – Aqua Blue, Lego,

Paper Boy wallpaper with a monkey lamp for boys bedrooms

Wallpaper is Your Friend

Adding instant cosiness and character is the wallpaper. Be gone, white walls!

Image courtesy of Paper Boy Wallpaper. ‘When I Grow Up’ White Wallpaper, £60,

Car Art Prints : Vintage Car Art - Car Themed Room - Antique Car Print - Kids Car Art - Nursey Decor - Vintage Car Nursery - Classic Car Art

A Gallery is Always a Good Idea

Statement pieces of art, especially if it lends to their expressions and passions, will make it a space for them to find solace. Think also about their height (not yours) when hanging strategically.

Image courtesy of Etsy. Car Art Prints, £43.10+,

Studio Roof Big Giant Stag Beetle

Wall Features Win

You don’t just have to hang art, think outside the box with intriguing sculptural wall decorations that will add a bit of zing.

Image courtesy of Babipur. Studio Roof Big Giant Stag Beetle, £14.95,

patch plants in a bedroom

Make it Biophilic

Indoor plants always bring a bit of warmth and life to any room, whatever age.

Image courtesy of Patch Plants. Bali, £30, Patch,

Autumns Corner The Bookshelf - Small

Pique Their Curiosity

Shelving that’s at their height, with their favourite reads, or interests is a great way to inspire play and curiosity.

Image courtesy of Scandibørn. Autumns Corner The Bookshelf – Small, £64.99,


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