British Cottage Interiors — Here are 10 Ways to Get the Look
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British Cottage Interiors — Here are 10 Ways to Get the Look

Disclaimer: you don't have to live in a cottage to get involved

Want that bucolic British cottage interiors charm but don’t know where to start? Consider this your starters’ guide 

British Cottage Interiors — Here’s Your Unofficial Cheat Sheet

Roberts Radios, bric-a-brac furniture, and antiques aplenty: here’s our whistle-stop guide to get you started on creating that British cottage interiors look. Think heirloom pieces you’ll want to treasure for the decades to come, embracing and collecting intriguing curios and collectables, as well as making your space as cosy and sanctuary-like as possible.

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Exceptional Carved & Folk Painted Pine Marriage Cupboard by The Tolstoy Edit

Go for Heirlooms Over Quick Fix Furniture

Buying thoughtfully and slowly isn’t only the more affordable and sustainable option (in the long run), but it also means your furnishings will accrue all the memories of your home over the years that make it priceless. Alexandra Tolstoy’s The Tolstoy Edit, and Vinterior are good places to start to trawl through antiques online, but here’s our guide for the full list.

Carved & Folk Painted Pine Marriage Cupboard, £3,850, The Tolstoy Edit,

Black Gingham Ruffled Cushion cottage style by Style Your Spaces

Ruffles Reign

Gingham and ruffles are the classic staples of that British classic cottage aesthetic; Style Your Spaces has good options to turn to.

Black Gingham Ruffled Cushion, £58, Style Your Spaces

Scallop Rug Cerise by Matilda Goad

Cosy is King

What always goes criminally underrated is a good rug. In a drafty, patchy insulated cottage, a rug adds that warmth and comfort, and will always transform a room into a bit of a sanctuary.

Scallop Rug Cerise, £1,642.00 – £4,560.00, Salvesen Graham,

Morris & Co and Pooky Lamp collaboration

Pop a Pooky Lamp

If you’re already under the spell of Pooky lamps (who’s to blame you), let me give you even more enticing news: Pooky lamps and Morris & Co have unveiled a gorgeous collaboration today that isn’t one to miss. Think the iconic willow bough print of William Morris, matched with Pooky’s playful touch, we can’t think of a more perfect interiors duo.

Otto table lamp in Black, £57, Pooky x Morris & Co,

Katrin Moye detailed painted vase sold at Petersham Nurseries

Embrace Eccentricity

An overarching theme with English cottage interiors is that, well, there isn’t one. Always opt for the creatively curious pieces, we’re particularly enamoured with Katrin Moye’s double-handled hand-painted vases that would be sure to make a statement piece in any home.

Katrin Moye, Triple Handle Vase Pink, £485, Petersham Nurseries,

Ercol Plate Rack, 1970s, Vintage

It all Stacks Up

Nothing says British cottage interiors more than a quaint plate stack or dresser in the kitchen. Our choice would always to go antique, look to Vinterior for options.

Ecrol Plate Rack Vintage, 1970s, £135, Vinterior,

19thc Gilt Wood Convex Mirror, 1800s

Cue the Convex Mirror

The antique convex mirror is always a beautiful addition to any small corner of a room. Perfect to add a sense of cosiness (and a historical statement).

19th Century Gilt Wood Convex Mirror, 1800s, £850, Vinterior,

Emma Bridgewater tea mugs

Down to a Tea

Emma Bridgewater pretty much symbolises the British cottage interiors look, and in our books, the more you can gather, the better it looks on a dresser. You’ll also find plenty second-hand if you’re concerned with buying new.

Roses 1/2 Pint Mug, Emma Bridgewater,

a cosy british cottage bedroom by Piglet in Bed

Look to Linen Bedding

Nothing looks better during golden hour than a made bed with pastel coloured linen. Piglet in Bed is our go-to for beautiful bed linen fit for an English cottage.

Mix and Match: Linen Bedtime Bundle, £227, Piglet in Bed,

a pink Roberts radio on a book shelf

Tune in

The English cottage vibe isn’t just in the furnishings; it’s in the atmosphere, and what’s not to love than a radio playing whilst pottering around on a Sunday afternoon? We’re particularly loving their pastel hues from the Revival Robert’s Radio.

Roberts Radio,

Georgia Beaumont, 'Twenty, Twenty Two' 2022 sold by Domenica Marland

Magpie Intriguing Curios

Adorning the walls and any empty shelving spaces is always a must. Head to Domenica Marland, Tat London for affordable art options that might fit the bill.

Georgia Beaumont, ‘Twenty, Twenty Two’ 2022, £380, by Domenica Marland,

colourful bud vases by Style Your Spaces

Bring on the Bud Vases

Let botanicals, and florals reign over your rooms with these bud vases. Bud vases are also a perfect option if you’re wanting to add a bit of creativity to your al fresco dining table. 

Ruffle Edge Bud Vase, £22, Style Your Spaces


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