Interiors Inspiration: Dried Flowers
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Interiors Inspiration: Dried Flowers

A bouquet that really goes the distance

Why dried flowers are the simplest way to update your interiors for the year ahead

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How To Master the Dried Flowers Trend

It’s the Instagram interiors trend that has blown up in the last few months: dried flowers. Yes, the bunches of fluffy pampas grass and faded hydrangeas beloved of your grandparents are officially having a revival – and we love it. And we’re not the only ones: Etsy reported a 93 per cent increase in searches for dried flowers compared to last year.

The good news is that this is a trend that’s easy to get on board with, and will instantly update any mantelpiece, bedside table or corner cabinet. We’ve gathered some inspiration below to get you started.

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dried flowers

Pressing times

Revive the almost-forgotten art of flower pressing, and create your own unique works of art. Patience is required, though – this is far from instant gratification.

dried flowers

Compare & contrast

Mix wow-factor dried pampas plumes with spiky green foliage for a sculptural display.

Go abstract

You know what looks great with dried flowers? Abstract vases – coincidentally another big interiors trend this year. Invest in both together for double style points.

On the spike

Create an eye-catching display on your mantelpiece or side table by combining dried flowers with succulents.

dried flowers

Romance is dead

A bouquet of dried flowers makes a beautiful – and long-lasting – addition to your bedside table.

Scent-sational bouquets

Tie bundles of fragrant herbs together with a ribbon – lavender and rosemary work well – and display them on your walls.

Play it straight

Make a simple statement with a bouquet of long dried grasses in a tall vase.

Size matters

Play with different heights, sizes and tonal colours for a beautiful sideboard display.

dried flowers

Get in shape

Pair sculptural shapes and natural materials with dried grasses for maximum effect.

Fox Flowers

Send flowers

Instead of a normal bouquet of fresh blooms, why not send a wow-factor arrangement of dried flowers, instead? And the best thing is, they last longer than a couple of weeks.

Bougainvillea burst arrangement, £59,


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