Are you a budding florist? Let us walk you through all things floral. Whether you want to learn more about what sustainable floristry looks like (and where to find such florists) and where the best flower arranging classes in London are, we’ve got you covered. We’ve gathered expert florists to lend a hand for you to create your perfect bouquet at home too, so no need to step out of the house.

But if you’re venturing out, we’ve rounded up the best floristry workshops and classes, of course, the flower shows. We’ll take you through the best ones to go to this year, and of course, cover Chelsea Flower Show, with all the extra paraphernalia (meaning: where’s great to get a coffee after, where the best lunch spots are in the area).

Maybe you’re interested in a more flora by flora basis. Think the best annuals and biannuals; the perfect peonies; and we’ve even got a guide on what certain flowers symbolise.