Good Enough To Eat: The Fruit & Veg Tableware Edit

By Charlie Colville

2 months ago

Food for thought (and your dishware cupboard)

Our five a day? While the vegetable patch may call out to some, we’re a little more preoccupied with cabbage salad bowls, lemon placemats, strawberry bottle stoppers, pomegranate napkins and artichoke plates. It’s the new tableware trend, after all. Here’s how you can bring the outside in with juicy fruit and veg themed dishware, linens and accessories, plus our edit of the best tableware on the market.

The Rise Of Fruit & Veg Tableware

We love it when a tablescape has a good theme. Colour drenching? Love it. Seaside settings? Yes, please. Florals for spring? On this occasion, groundbreaking. But the trend making a massive comeback this season is, well, the food itself – and fruit and veg, specifically. We’re talking avocado-shaped dessert plates, aubergines doubling up as candleholders, cherry-decorated napkins and garlic keepers modelled after (you guessed it) garlic. It’s a more literal foodie concept for your dinnertime soiree, and it’s perfect for injecting a little fun into your tablescape.

Keen to try out the trend? Get a head start with our edit of the quirkiest fruit and veg tableware below…

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Green pear woven napkin rings | Fruit & Veg Tableware

Featured image: The Sette