Gossip Girl Luxe Interiors Inspiration

By Charlie Colville

3 years ago

XOXO, Gossip Girl

Let’s set the tone. It’s 2007: wedge sandals are the height of fashion, the final Harry Potter book is out, and Gossip Girl is about to hit our screens for the first time. The iconic American teen drama was a television staple throughout the late noughties and early tens, producing big stars and even bigger trends in pop culture. The recent Gossip Girl reboot proves no different, having risen to become HBO’s most watched original series ever. One of the selling points of the show is its attention to detail – especially within the set’s multiple interiors. From sleek coffee tables and jewel-toned cushions to glittering chandeliers and gold frames, it’s clear that luxury is at the forefront of design. With that in mind, here are some pieces you can add to your own homes to make you feel like you’re living in Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

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Gossip Girl Interiors Inspiration


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