Floppy Flowers? Here’s How To Rejuvenate Your Bouquet

By Olivia Emily

1 month ago

Five fail-safe ways to make your flowers last longer

It’s officially spring, so filling your home with beautiful blooms is a must. But, after a few days in your favourite vase, fresh cut stems can look a tad worse for wear. So, how can we make our flowers last longer? We asked award-winning flower farmer and founder of The Real Flower Company, Rosebie Morton, for her top tips. Dating back to 1995, The Real Flower Company is a beautiful British hub for sustainably grown flowers, spanning naturally-scented roses and English blossoms to herbs and foliage all grown on their own LEAF-accredited farms. Once the growing season is over, The Real Flower Company harvests from their carbon neutral sister farm, Tambuzi, in Kenya, which is accredited at the highest levels in social and environmental standards.

Here are five ways Rosebie keeps her blooms looking their best.

Rosebie in a field of flowers

Rosebie Morton

5 Ways To Make Your Flowers Last Longer

1. The First Hour Counts

‘On receiving your bouquet, cut all the stems on an angle and then give them a good drink in a deep bucket to help them rehydrate after their journey,’ says Rosebie.

2. Clean Vase

‘The greatest enemy of flowers is dirty water,’ says Rosebie. ‘Whatever vase you choose, ensure it’s immaculately clean.’

3. The Right Vase

‘Size does matter,’ quips Rosebie. ‘Choose a vase that’s big enough to let the blooms fall into a natural display once their tie has been cut.’

4. Environment

‘Place your bouquet in the correct environment,’ says Rosebie. ‘Ideally, flowers like to be positioned somewhere which is not in full sun, near a radiator or close to a bowl of fruit containing bananas (which give off ethylene, the foe of cut flowers).’

5. Rejuvenate

‘If all else fails, don’t panic,’ says Rosebie. ‘If your flowers flop their heads, take them out of the vase, re-cut the stems at an angle and wrap the heads tightly in a newspaper with an elastic band or tie to support them. Then, place them in a couple of inches of near-boiling water for a good half hour to an hour, which should encourage the flow of water to their heads. Once finished, re-cut the stems, remove their support collar and return them to their vase in clean water. Watch as they rejuvenate!’

A bouquet of flowers

The Real Flower Company, April Bouquet, £85, realflowers.co.uk