'Inner Child' Interiors are Trending
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‘Inner Child’ Interiors are Trending

Play, delight, and dopamine is the name of the game

Haven’t you heard? Everyone’s healing their inner child these days by decorating their home with soy sauce lamps, croissant lights, and anything that’s suitably silly. And we’ll be carrying the J.W. Anderson pigeon clutch while doing it. 

Heal Your Inner Child With Your Interiors

Inner child interiors is the new ‘it’ way to decorate your home. Drew Barrymore kicked off the trend, with her viral video of her running in the rain, with a TikTokker ‘bystander’ watching her ‘proud’ that she was healing her ‘inner child’. Then came Yayoi Kusama’s free interactive installation at The Tate Modern, called The Obliteration Room, where you’re able to go into this white space installation, and stick colourful circular stickers on the walls, tables, floors, anywhere. And people are loving it, running wild and free.

An Overhead view of Tate's Inner Child Installation

Uniqlo Tate Play Mega Please Draw Freely Installation View. Photo: Rikard Osterlund

The latest object of delight that’s doing the rounds on Instagram and TikTok, is the J.W. Anderson pigeon clutch. It’s simply a bag where the wing opens as the clasp, but there’s something about it’s kitschy simplicity that’s striking a chord with people where we’re just wanting pieces for our wardrobe that amuse, without any practical function.

From wardrobes to our homes, we’re seeing ‘inner child’ interiors make it’s move. On TikTok, with the sound ‘capitalism really popped off today’, Tiktokkers are buying cutesy lamps in the shapes of croissants, soy sauce, as well as Aesop soap sculptures that’s crafted in a ‘child like’ way, as well as ‘macaroni pasta’ door handles. What’s not to love?

Our Inner Child Pieces We’re Collecting

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Aesop soap sculpture from TikTok

Steph Davidson‘s Aesop Soap Sculpture went viral on TikTok through @casitacarissa’s video hailing the rise of ‘silly’ comedic home decor

Macaroni Pull Door Handles by Sam Stewart

Macaroni Pull Handles, $65, Sam Stewart, store.smstwrt.com

a light blue star chair by Campbell Rey, sold by The Invisible Collection

Campbell Rey, Stella Dolce Pouf, £1,926, theinvisiblecollection.com

Yukiko Morita croissant lamp, by Mociun

Croissant Lamp, £74, Mociun, mociun.com

Comedic Home Décor is the New Chic; Here’s What’s Trending

Shagey’s Dog Sculpture


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Charlotte Rey’s Apogee Sofa


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Anything with a smiley face…


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Main Image: Yayoi Kusama, The Obliteration Room, (c) Tate Photography