The Best Luxury Beds In The World

By CTH Editors

3 months ago

Because you can put a price on a good night's sleep

Your search for the best luxury bed brands in the world ends right here. On average we spend a third of our lives in bed, so finding the right one is important. Here, we round up some of the most comfortable beds available in the UK, to guarantee sweet dreams without counting sheep (so long as you don’t mind blowing your budget). From Hästens to Emma mattresses, we give you the run-down of which bed brands are built to last, and deliver on quality.

You can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep, but something you can put a price on is the world’s best beds. From the beds that the top hotels choose (with price tags to match their room rates) to the most affordable luxury bed brands, we’ve rounded up the best of the best.

What Are The Top 10 Bed Brands?

The use of top quality materials, superior design credentials and incredible craftship make these bed brands the best in the world. We’ve chosen the top 11 most luxurious bed makers in the world for the best night’s sleep, from Savoir to Brook + Wilde. These are the best bed brands to choose for better sleep.

  • Naturalmat
  • Hästens
  • Emma
  • Max Rollitt
  • Savoir Beds
  • Soho Home
  • The Cotswolds Company
  • Winston’s
  • Hypnos
  • Vispring

Below, you’ll find our recommendations on the comfiest beds to choose from all the brands listed above, plus more information about what makes them so special.

The Brands & The Beds

HeybrookBrand: Naturalmat

Since 1999 Devon-based Naturalmat has been a pioneer in its field, producing mattresses which are made from natural fibres, come from 100% natural and sustainable resources, and are harvested according to fair trade principles. Each Naturalmat mattress is hand-built in the brand’s factory on the banks of the River Exe in Topsham, by a team of craftspeople who finish each piece to the highest (and most comfortable of standards). But the brand isn’t one to rest on its laurels – the perfect pairing to a Naturalmat mattress is its range of top-tier luxury nursery furniture, bedding and organic, hand-crafted and chemical free bed frames.

The Bed: The Heybrook

Ready for the most stylish of naps? The Heybrook blends solid wood with soft, natural upholstery in its organic wood-filled headboard. It’s then accented with a natural oak trim, and sports a sustainably sourced timber base. Handmade in Devon, it can be upholstered in a fabric of your choice. From £2,860 for a King,

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Emma bedBrand: Emma

Frankfurt-born brand Emma constantly strives to improve our sleep, using a mix of technology and in-house experts to create top-quality products. Its most luxurious offering is the Emma Divan Bed, which features a classic frame and award-winning mattress, plus ample storage space thanks to two integrated drawers. You can choose between various different sizes, including Super King, as well as two stylish colours: dark grey and a lighter angora shade. For the full Emma experience, go for the Emma All-In-One Divan Bundle, which includes a premium mattress, waterproof mattress protector and memory foam pillows to sink into. 

Emma All-In-One Divan Bundle, £1,159,

close up of the mattress of The Grand Vividus by Hästens beds

Brand: Hästens

What’s it like to wake up in the world’s most luxuriously, decadently expensive bed? Hästens’s The Grand Vividus, arguably, will be the best night’s sleep you could possibly imagine. The Grand Vividus, which takes 600 hours to craft by hand, was borne from the creative collaboration with Hästens and creative polymath, Ferris Rafauli. Rafauli was Drake’s architectural designer, and is known as the designer who flips the world’s most expensive homes into ultra-premium, opulent playgrounds for the lives of his black-card clientele.

The collaboration might show how sleep luxury is reaching new heights. But that’s not to say that Hästens, as a brand isn’t steeped in history. Drawing in 171 years of craftsmanship and mastery, Hästens isn’t the kind of brand where you’d just loll on a mattress and test it out before you buy at a usual brick and mortar.

There’s a whole process that puts a potential client first. You’ll be put in touch with a Hästens luxury mattress expert, where upon you’ll have a private consultation. Once sorted, you’ll be invited to your own private VIP experience. Hästens experts will take your through the brands story, and take your through it’s painstaking levels of craftmanship in order to reach that coveted label of ‘the bed night’s sleep in the world’.

Max Rollitt Antiques

Image courtesy of Max Rollitt Antiques

Brand: Max Rollitt

It doesn’t get more grand than with the antiques dealer, furniture maker and interior designer, Max Rollitt. Curating the most beautiful antique bed frames (we especially love their historical canopy beds), as well as crafting bespoke pieces based on key antiques that are increasingly hard to find. Each bespoke piece is made in the UK in small workshops, that’s made to order.

Chamberlayne Bed, £19, 950, 

Savoir Beds

Image courtesy of Savoir Beds

Brand: Savoir Beds

The difference a good night’s sleep on a handmade, properly constructed bed can make to how you face the day ahead is huge. Knowing this, The Savoy Hotel decided in 1905 to create the perfect bed for its guests, and what is now called the No2 bed was born, a bed as famous as some of the legendary names who have slept in them.

Every Savoir bed contains the finest, chemical-free natural materials, from long, curled Latin American horsetail to Mongolian cashmere and British lamb’s wool, and each is designed to provide the perfect sleeping environment. The curled horsetail hair regulates body temperature to optimise the quality for your REM sleep, wicking away from the body the three-quarters of a pint of moisture each of us produces every night, and the hand-tied hourglass springs give the perfect support.

The Bed: Savoir No 1

Referred to as the ‘world’s most luxurious sleeping system’, Savoir No 1 promises the ultimate in comfort and luxury. With taller springs and lavish layers of premium-quality natural filling for a deeper mattress and base, it is a naturally high bed that customers reportedly compare sleeping on to ‘floating in a cloud’. The ultimate luxury item, it takes over 120 hours to craft a No 1, 80 hours of a master craftsperson’s time on the upholster floor plus the hours the cutter, seamstress and joiner invest in the creation of the bed. Its frame of hardwood beech has several unique features, while the mattress, topped with a panel of high-tech stretch cotton fabric, is filled with extra deep, high-turn pocket springs, masses of loose, curled horse-tail hair and double layers of carded lambswool. This is topped off with a kilo of pure cashmere included in the topper. From £46,025 including the mattress, cashmere topper and kilo spring.

Soho Home Canopy Bed

Image courtesy of Soho Home

Brand: Soho Home

The brand was born from members of Soho House asking where the label sourced their furnishings. Drawing on over 15 years of the members club artistic heritage, Soho Home is a fresh player in the interiors game which packs an aesthetic punch. It nails what people want now, which can best be described as sophisticated cocooning. When it comes to their beds: revel in their earthy palette of rusts, ferns, cinnamon and velvet lichen. Rivas Bed in Velvet Lichen, £3,795, Soho Home,

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The Cotswold Company

Brand: The Cotswold Company

The Cotswold Company’s Pure Natural Collection is created by master mattress artisans in the UK using the highest grade of Dartmoor wool from a privately owned family farm with over 100 years of experience in natural sheep farming. Wool has a natural temperature regulating quality, making it perfect for a good night’s sleep, and all borders are hand side stitched for true edge-to-edge support. All the mattresses in the Pure Natural Collection are traditionally hand-stitched and filled with hand-teased wool from Dartmoor sheep, all naturally sourced to help promote a deep sleep. The Malmesbury is the ultimate in luxury with 1,500 pocket spring count. From £1,299,

Winstons mattressBrand: Winston’s

Winston’s has spent over 100 years perfecting its handcrafted mattresses, so no wonder it’s become a firm British favourite along the way. With natural fillings, hand stitching and pillowy, cloud-like luxury, the addition of a Winston’s mattress is a must to give your bedroom a luxurious upgrade. Want to complete the look? In addition to mattresses, there’s also a range of beautiful handcrafted beds to choose from.

Meet your new best friend: Winston’s finest pure wool 11500 pillow top mattress with seven zoned support and inbuilt cooling. Whether your preference is extra firm, medium or soft there are four different comfort grades to choose from to ensure a perfect match and the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had. There are also five different sizes available, ranging from single to super king to fit every room. Prices start at £1,799. 

Brand: Hypnos

Hypnos is a long-established family business with an illustrious Royal history, hand building some of the most comfortable beds on the market. Handmade in workshops in Buckinghamshire, Hypnos beds and mattresses are found in the best yachts, palaces and hotels all over the world, as well as in the homes of those who are in the know. Using only sustainable, natural materials, this proudly British brand crafts bespoke beds that will last.

The Bed: The Origins Collection

Not only is the Origins Collection the epitome of understated elegance, it also boasts some impressive sustainability credentials. Every single element of this range is traceable, ethical and environmentally responsible. The 100% wool is from British farms with high standards of animal welfare, with luxury ticking from the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). Blending comfort with integrity, the earthy green of this tall Fiona headboard also couldn’t be more in line with autumn’s trend for muted, countryside-inspired colours. Hypnos Wool Origins 8 mattress with a divan base and a tall Fiona euro-slim headboard, all in Hypnos Zenith 501 Palm fabric. From £3,267 for a king size bed set (mattress, divan and headboard).

Herdy Sleep MattressesBrand: Herdysleep

Herdysleep mattresses are traditionally tufted and finished by hand, containing an industry leading 6,000 pocket springs, topped with a blend of cotton, cashmere and wool from local Herdwick sheep. Prices start at £649.

Vispring Sublime SuperbBrand: Vispring

A clear choice for anyone who demands the best things in life is Vispring, a company that makes each mattress by hand in its Devon factory, resulting in some of the most luxurious and exquisitely crafted beds in the business. Made to order for each client, Vispring changed the way beds are made as the first to produce an interior sprung mattress using a system of individually pocketed springs. It was founded in 1901, and its wealth of experience and expertise can be clearly seen in every bed that fits its owner like a glove, promising to give you the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had.

The Bed: The Sublime Superb

The Sublime Superb truly delivers on both elements of its name. This is a mattress that certainly doesn’t skimp on quality. Mattresses feature the finest quality ticking, consisting of cotton, mohair, silk, horsetail, shetland wool, British fleece wool and two layers of pocket springs. Although dreamily soft, the sophisticated blend of fillings do offer a firmer sensation for those looking to float on something a little more supportive than a cloud. Prices starting from £4,745 (mattress only, divan not included).

Main Image: Savoir