If you’re a lover of all things luxury (or simply just really get into your main character mindset); you’ve come to the right place. Let us wine and dine you with our one stop shop to all things luxurious.

Maybe you’re after the most luxurious beds in the world? We’ve got a guide for that. Blow dry bars, luxurious hotels, watches, Toi et Moi Rings, you name it, we have a guide for it. We also delve into the curious world of luxurious properties; houses with the most gorgeous swimming pools or tennis courts; as well as a giving handy hits for first time buyers to lay claim to their own luxurious property.

But we wouldn’t want you thinking it only stops here. We also take deep dive on the concept of luxury. Looking into, what’s actually worth it; if the concept of luxury is on the ascent or descent; and if high culture in London overall is a luxury or a necessity. Plus, how it all interlaces with sustainability.