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10 Ways To Re-Organise For a Peaceful Home

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Feeling frazzled from a busy weekend? Environment is everything – and Yoko Kloeden Design‘s serene interior projects are giving us some serious (and much needed) zen. Centred around blurring lines between outdoors nature and interior spaces inside, Yoko’s design ethos evokes better wellbeing, turning homes into tranquil sanctuaries.  Read on for how to do it yourself. 

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How to create a peaceful home with Yoko Kloeden

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1. Consider your ergonomics

‘Spatial planning is a critical element when streamlining your home; well-designed spaces are free from disruption, irritation and frustration,’ says Yoko.

‘Think about who uses each space in your home and what activity takes place there. Solutions could be adaptable furniture, cleverly designed built in storage, or materials and finishes which take safety and functionality into consideration.’


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2. Home zoning

‘Carve out a space in your home for calm and alone time, to restore mental and physical focus. Create a quiet reading corner, sheltered outdoor seating in your garden, or place obscure partitions such as hanging plants or frosted glass panels in an open plan area.’

Wooden shelves with plants, art and candles

3. Display storage organisation

‘Decide what items you would like to hide and those that you want to display, or do not mind on show. Make sure you have a space dedicated to your favourite art pieces or ceramic collection so they can be enjoyed not only by your household, but also your guests.’

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4. Repurpose or upcycle

‘If you have old furniture items lying around consider upcycling them into new and interesting room elements, by painting, varnishing or reupholstering the original framework.’

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5. Declutter your home

‘Extended periods at home are a great time to reflect on life’s priorities and purge the unnecessary items and clutter. To help restore balance and harmony, try the KonMari method and get rid of anything that doesn’t bring joy.’

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6. Acquire efficient storage

‘Most of our clients are families with children, so ensuring that they have enough storage is one of our important tasks. Invest in storage units that are roomy enough to hold what you need hidden but with a sleek design that can be easily concealed.’

Wooden shelves with plants, ceramic, artwork

7. Give room to indoor plants

‘Bringing plants indoors has more benefits than purely their aesthetic qualities. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release energy, purifying the air in the process. The moisture they produce in the air can protect against respiratory problems.’

Dining area with exposed brick wall. Hanging pendant lights, four grey chairs around wooden table, hanging plants in background

8. Chose to invest in unique pieces

‘If you’re going out with the old and in with the new, invest your time into sourcing unique and interesting furniture items versus what you can find in your high street stores,’ says Yoko. ‘By choosing vintage pieces, you will find yourself with timeless and unique homewares, while making a more sustainable choice.’

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9. Make the most of the view

‘If you have a window to look out of, place your desk beside or in front of it. The infinite patterns of nature are scientifically proven to relax us. A study found looking at fractal patterns found in nature can reduce our stress by 60 per cent.’

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10. Relax your senses

‘Choose a quiet place in your home for relaxation and use multi-sensory touch points such as fragrant candles and soothing sounds of the forest, oceans or even melodic birdsong, to create a sense of peace and tranquillity.’

Photos: Cathy Pyle & Brent Darby


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