Preview: The Future Fabrics Expo 2024

By Tessa Dunthorne

1 week ago

Meet the responsible & sustainably sourced fabrics innovating the textiles industry

You probably know that the fashion industry is facing a reckoning in terms of the climate crisis. According to the World Economic Forum the industry emits ‘more carbon than international flights and maritime shipping combined’. Fabrics, specifically, make this industry so resource heavy. The textiles industry is among the most thirsty in terms of water and hungry with land use (says the European Parliament). Fabrics aren’t just needed for our clothes; they’re needed for our homes and interiors, too – the rise of ‘fast fashion homes’ is further damaging the environment. So it’s refreshing to explore the Future Fabrics Expo by The Sustainable Angle, which in 2024 aims to change all that by showcasing innovative textiles that could show us a much brighter future. C&TH preview this year’s event. 

What Is The Future Fabrics Expo?

At the Future Fabrics Expo

Since 2011, Future Fabrics Expo (FFE) has been the go-to destination for anyone sourcing responsible and sustainable textiles for fashion, home and interiors (there are over 10,000 fabrics and materials on display, many of which are commercially available now). There is also a seminar series exploring topics from regenerative design to circular system approaches, to sustainable best practice for homes and interiors. 

The FFE also supports ongoing projects exploring how textiles can be innovated. The ‘Future of Luxury’ is one such project, in partnership with LVMH, explores how creativity can be better connected with nature – and then distributed responsibly.  

What Do We Mean By Responsible & Sustainable Fabrics?

The materials at FFE have been developed as solutions for the fashion and interiors industry so that we can live within planetary boundaries, meaning they’ve got to be less demanding on energy and water and other resources. The fabrics on show at FFE are globally-sourced and detailed with sustainability information and any relevant certifications.

Some of these sustainable materials are innovative – verging on futuristic. Delyth Fetherston-Dilke, an upholsterer specialising in sustainable furniture solutions, has been working on combining wool and cowstail through needling to form soft seating. Ponda is another exhibiting company which shows off its BioPuff – used to create insulation for your jackets or duvets that’s markedly better than the old school stuff and uses regenerative fibres (so is not only cruelty-free but gives back to the land, too). Other materials you’ll see feel surprisingly familiar – at FFE, let the experts explain to you why we should still be using linen and wool in 2024.

The main takeaway from FFE, really, is that we need to reduce our reliance on any one individual textile (and particularly synthetic ones), and instead use an array of options to reduce our demand on any one planetary resource. That, in short, is what makes a sustainable fabric.

What’s New At The Future Fabrics Expo 2024?

This year, the Future Fabrics Expo features a new homes and interiors area showcasing alternative methods of upholstery which avoid synthetics and toxic flame retardants. They draw out material solutions for both products and interior design. 

According to the team, ‘the lessons learned in the fashion space can provide guidance to the home and interiors sector, paving the way for cross-collaboration for sustainable objectives.’

How Do I Attend The Future Fabrics Expo 2024? 

The Future Fabrics Expo 2024 takes place from 25-26 June at Magazine London, Canary Wharf. C&TH are proud media partners of this year’s FFE; use the code ‘C&THxFFE24’ when registering for 25% off tickets at