The Best Gardening Gifts They'll Actually Use
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The Best Gardening Gifts They’ll Actually Use

Don't buy a shade loving plant without checking

Sometimes the more knowledgeable they are, the more difficult it is to nail the gift. Rest assured: Anything from this round up they’ll be genuinely impressed by 

The Best Gardening Gifts They’ll Actually Use

Willow Crossley does a floristry course for Create Academy

Willow Crossley offers a floristry course on Create Academy, an online learning platform. Image courtesy of Create Academy

First things first: Whatever you do, do not get them specific plants without checking first. That’s the first mistake that’s often made when giving a gift to folk with a green finger. They’ve already mapped out their whole garden: where the shade is, whether it’s south facing, where it’s rocky  — all the stuff you haven’t seen, they’ve already made a mental note. Giving them a niche shrub of yellow flowers that doesn’t go with their colour scheme is like giving a sculptor a set of Crayola’s and telling them to start making art. Don’t do it. 

Chelsea Flower Show 2022

If you’re still dead keen to get them a plant, flower, of sorts that they can plant in the ground, you’re best bet is to give them a gift card at the following places, and they’ll be able to choose, since they know their garden inside out. Check out David Austin Roses, Sarah Raven or even better a garden membership at The Newt in Somerset.

For delivering bouquets to their door, they will be stunned of your knowledge of all things flora if you head to Common Farm Flowers   that’s if they are into tumbling, wild, swirly au natural kind of bouquets from the Somerset flower farm, crafted by Georgie. They also do workshops too, if you’re into the ‘experiential’ kind of gift giving (who isn’t?). If they would struggle to do an IRL course, why not have a look at Create Academy, which offers a range of courses that’ll be an expert gardener’s dream. Willow Crossley’s floristry course, The Fundamentals of Floristry, would be our pick of the bunch. 

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thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail Niwaki Kurumi Secateurs sold by The Newt in Somerset

The Newt in Somerset

Niwaki Kurumi Secateurs, £159, The Newt in Somerset.
The Herb Collection by The New In Somerset

The Newt in Somerset

Grow Your Herbs, £68, The Newt in Somerset,

a David Austin Roses gift card

David Austin Roses

David Austin Roses Gift Card from £10 – 100, David Austin,

Haws Copper Watering Can


Copper Watering Can, £64.99, Haws,

Graham & Green Wild Fennel Light

Graham & Green

Wild Fennel Light, £38, Graham & Green,

Piet Oudolf Book called Planting the Natural Garden

Piet Oudolf

Planting the Natural Garden, £26.99, Waterstones,


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Main Image: Piet Oudolf Gardens at Hauser & Wirth in Somerset,