The Suffolk Nest’s Ashlee Jane’s Guide To Spring Decor

By Rebecca Cox

2 weeks ago

Embrace the spring season by bringing the outdoors in.

While we’re still waiting for the spring weather to arrive, we can ensure our homes are ready for the spring-summer season with a little finishing touch here and there. We spoke to Founder & Creative Director at The Suffolk Nest, AshleeJane, who told us how she’ll be working with spring decor essentials to brighten up her home. 

The Spring Decor Guide With The Suffolk Nest’s Ashlee Jane

How should we get our homes ready for spring?

To me, celebrating the arrival of spring means inviting more of the outdoors inside. Starting with decluttering, transitioning to lighter neutrals, adding fresh scents with candles, and incorporating spring flowers through fresh wreaths, planters, and table arrangements using abundant bulbs like Muscari, hyacinths, and bridal crowns is a simple and such an effective way to embrace the new season. 

What are your favourite spring home decor essentials?

For me, it has to be a fresh spring wreath to welcome the new season. It’s how I welcome the start of any new season and Spring is a particularly beautiful one. This year I created a ‘living’ fresh wreath using Muscari and tulips, allowing them to grow and develop over time on our front doors. It’s an amazing way to welcome us into our homes each and every day. It also changes throughout the season too, swapping out flowers that are past their best with new, fresh flowers that evolve and change the appearance of the wreath as time goes by, whether they are things picked up during foraging and walks, or new flowers from your local florist or supermarket.  

What colour palette will add a touch of spring to neutral interiors?

It has to be green! It’s one of the most powerful colours found in nature. It adds instant freshness and vitality and it’s also a proven mood booster. It’s been proven that spending just a few minutes of the day surrounded by greenery can drastically improve our moods. It’s also a colour with multiple meanings, representing new beginnings, renewal, growth, and abundance. Our Green eucalyptus is one of our most popular foliage stems and its real-touch qualities and dusty green leaves can instantly lift a room, especially when grouped together I recommend four stems at a time.

Not into green? Try yellow for spring. 

Anything we should pack away for spring and summer?

I pack away the heavy blankets and throws,  dark vases and those branchy faux arrangements. Time to move to lighter, more neutral tones that reflect spring’s nature.

How can we use flowers to make a house a home?

My floral designs in our home always reflect the seasons. In summer, my designs are airy and light – in the autumn they are more compact with darker tones. However, for me there is no rule in floristry – I do believe it to be an art and what I love is that we can all start with the same flowers and end up with totally different designs. So, to use flowers to make a home – it has to be reflective of you as an individual. Are you refined and neat – or are you large and abundant? There is no right answer, but just enjoy the process of creating! I say more about this in my book which I hope provides more inspiration throughout the seasons. 

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