Yellow? For Spring? Here’s How To Style It In Your Home

By Olivia Emily

2 months ago

Smooth like butter

Butter nails, step aside – it’s all about yellow interiors. The certified happy colour is the easiest way to inject some vibrancy, warmth and cheerfulness into your home. But don’t worry: you don’t need to swap out your soothing cream walls for yellow to benefit from the colour’s happy effects (unless you want to).

‘This warm, vibrant tone can add a pop of colour and enthusiasm to your home through carefully selected and thoughtful additions,’ say interior design experts and Graham and Green owners Jamie and Lou Graham. ‘We embrace big and bold living by creating an emporium of treasures in your home environment, and building a space that truly represents you. It’s no surprise to see so many finding joy through yellow decor.’

So, how can we do it while still maintaining a chic, not-overwhelming aesthetic? Rather than flooding your home with huge swathes of yellow, Jamie and Lou suggest strategically placing yellow accessories throughout your home. Here are five ways to infuse yellow into your interiors, without looking garish.

Yellow Interiors: A Guide

1. Utilise Bookcase Space

Bookcases aren’t just for books. Drawing the eye in any room, a bookcase is the perfect way to infuse hints of yellow without overpowering the harmony of the space. Jamie and Lou recommend adding pops of colour through carefully selected photo frames, trinket boxes and plant pots. Place repeatedly throughout the bookcase for aesthetic cohesion and to draw attention to the grand piece of furniture. Yellow book spines might even do the work for you.

2. Dining Table Decor

As a place where friends and family gather, the dining table shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to embracing yellow decor. Jamie and Lou say, ‘It can be fun to experiment with the positioning of colourful home accessories, such as a vibrant flower vase, soft mellow placemats, or striking candles placed as the centrepiece of a dining table.’

3. Creative Soft Furnishings

Mix and match shades of yellow across cushions, bedding or throws to create a harmonious and bold yellow interiors aesthetic. Jamie and Lou advise carefully selecting shades to combine in your space: ‘Yellow is a versatile colour with many different shades and hues, which makes it ideal for pairing with other furnishings in a room. Typically, warmer, and deeper shades of yellow are complementary with colours such as navy blue or forest green, whereas brighter shades of yellow are best paired with other cooler, more striking colours, such as orange or sky blue.’

4. Colourful Lighting

Here’s a bright idea: when experimenting with bold colours like yellow, incorporate hues with your lighting. Whether it’s table lamps with yellow lampshades, floor lamps with yellow necks or delicately hung string lights emitting a soft yellow glow, yellow lighting is a subtle way to keep a consistent aesthetic throughout.

5. Bold Tableware

Ideal for spring and summer, colourful ceramics and tableware are a gentle way to infuse the yellow interiors trend in your home. Plates, mugs or bowls with yellow designs allow for subtle inclusions, as do placemats and napkins with yellow detailing, for example. When not in use, Jamie and Lou recommend proudly showcasing your colourful tableware in a cabinet or kitchen shelving.

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