12 Beautiful Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas
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12 Beautiful Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas

Roll up, roll up.

Bedrooms are an intimate space, which, of all rooms, is crying out for an expressive wallpaper. From Glassette, House of Hackney, to Common Room, here our some bedroom wallpaper ideas for your next project. 

12 Beautiful Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas

The hand drawn Madame Ziggle wallpaper by @ottolinedevries in all is squiggly glory at @mitrehamptoncourt.

Instagram: @glassette. Captured by @clairemenaryphotography

Need ideas on finding the perfect wallpaper for your bedroom? With maximalism prints only continuing their ascent on interior trends, we’re taking our cue from designers Fee Greening, Ellen Merchant, and Kate Hawkins, to adorn flora and fauna on our walls. 

Before you start pasting, take caution from the common pitfalls. First off: scale. Assess the size of your bedroom. If it’s small, look for small patterns, and mute any mural ideas you may harbour to create the illusion of greater space. If you have a larger room, the better wiggle room you have for statement walls.

There’s never a wrong choice, just make sure you collect samples, let them sit in the space, and, as long as you feel they reflect your expression and the energy and mood of the room you want to create, you can never go too far wrong. Consider this your one-stop-shop for sourcing all your bedroom wallpaper ideas.

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Madame Ziggle wallpaper, colour way blue and orange. by Ottoline, sold by Glassette


Our Pick: Hand drawn squiggles, with zingy pops of colour make this the ultimate wallpaper to add a touch of warmth and character to a bedroom. It’s quirky, it’s chic, it’s got our vote.

Madame Ziggle Wallpaper, £162.00, glassette.com

The Quercus Wallpaper by House of Hackney

House of Hackney

Inspired by the William Morris acorn print (and it comes in two colourways, the other yellow), House of Hackney modernises the pattern, adding a blush of pink to the background (the green and pink colour combination is all the rage these days).

Quercus, £140 -£195 per roll, House of Hackney, houseofhackney.com

Best Buds Wallpaper by Common Room

Katie Hawkins

Best Buds, £165, Common Room, commonroom.co

Fee Greening Wallpaper Climbing Curios

Fee Greening

Climbing Curios, £156, Common Room, commonroom.co

Lucky Leaf Kate Hawkins

Kate Hawkins

Lucky Leaf, Kate Hawkins, £156, Common Room, commonroom.co

Twin Flower Fee Greening Wallpaper

Fee Greening

Twin Flower, £156, Common Room, commonroom.co

Ottoline’s Chintamani Trellis wallpaper


Chintamani Trellis wallpaper, £162, Ottoline, ottoline.com

Du Gournay Wallpaper in Nordic Garden

De Gournay

Nordic Garden, Price on Enquiry, degournay.com


Colefax and Fowler

Sudbury Park Wallpaper, £76, Colefax and Fowler, designs.colefax.com

Nat Maks marbled wallpaper

Nat Maks

Bespoke Marble Prints and Wallpaper, from £115, Nat Maks, natmaks.com

Little Greene Belton Scenic Oyster Wallpaper

Little Greene

Belton Scenic Oyster, POA, littlegreene.com

Willow Boughs wallpaper by Morris and CO

Morris & Co

Willow Boughs, Blue, £99, Morris & Co, morrisandco.sandersondesigngroup.com


Ellen Merchant wallpaper, Checker Tree

Ellen Merchant

Checker Tree, POA, Ellen Merchant, ellenmerchant.co.uk

Dianne Hill Design

Dianne Hill

Fig Blossom Ella Wallpaper, £89, Diane Hill London, dianehill.co.uk


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Main Image: Amazonia Interior: Samantha Todhunter, photography: Jonathan Bond. Image courtesy of De Gournay