Loughborough Grammar Appoints Its First-Ever Female Head

By Anoop Bhuller

10 months ago

Loughborough Grammar School has appointed its first-ever female head in its 530-year history.

Helen Foster, Head of Loughborough Grammar School

Helen Foster, Head of Loughborough Grammar School

Helen Foster joined the all-boys school at the start of this academic year.

She was previously senior deputy head at the school and worked within the leadership team to support staff and develop a vision for the school. In addition to this, she led the school’s boarding and safeguarding.

Helen said: ‘While leading as the first female head in this prestigious and wonderful 530 year-old school will be exciting, I do not see myself as a trailblazer – simply, another modern and inclusive head. Our team is made up of some of the best teachers in the UK, who serve as excellent role models and trusted, supportive figures.’

‘Although academic achievement will always remain a central focus, we have built a reputation for delivering an all-round first-class education through our extraordinary range of extracurricular opportunities. I look forward to continuing to give our boys further opportunity to develop their passions and skills, helping them to acquire the emotional intelligence needed to thrive.’

About Loughborough Grammar

The school was founded in 1945 and is one of the UK’s oldest independent boys schools.

It is part of the Loughborough Schools Foundation, which includes Loughborough Nursery, Loughborough Amherst School and Loughborough High School.

The school welcomes boys aged between 10-18 years old.

There are two Boarding Houses which accommodate 32 boys in each house, with a Housemaster who will run day-to-day living. Termly and weekly boarding is available.