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Brighton College Prep Kensington

By Coby F

2 years ago

Address: 10-13 Prince’s Gardens, London, SW7 1ND
Website: www.brightoncollegeprepkensington.co.uk
Founded: 2023
Number of Pupils: 300
Ages: 2–13
Fees: (termly) Pre-nursery and Nursery (part time) £3,625-4030; Pre-nursery and nursery (full time) 7,352; reception, Year 1 and 2, £8,627; Year 3 – 6, £9,166; Year 7-8, £9,666
Head Teacher: Lois Gaffney
Religious Affiliation: None
Entrance Procedure: Open day, Register, Personal Tour, Assessment
Contact: Georgina Montanaro, Head of Admissions; 020 7591 4620
Email: [email protected]
School Visits: Open days and personal tours are available. For more information, please contact admissions@brightoncollegeprepkensington.co.uk

The Curriculum

Our curriculum is driven by academic excellence, kindness and a love of learning. Equally important is the broad and engaging enrichment programme, delivering opportunities for every child to experience a wide range of clubs, activities, sports and trips; to make friends, share ideas and build self-confidence.

Games & The Arts

Brighton College Prep Kensington boasts a two-acre garden for exploration and play. Hyde Park is close by for outdoor sports and Imperial College’s swimming pool is next door for PE and indoor sports. There are dedicated spaces within the school for expressive learning, including art, music and drama. Regular opportunities for children to perform include recitals, plays and end of term concerts. The school encourages all pupils interested, no matter their skill level, to participate in sport through our ‘sport for all’ initiative.

Pastoral Care

Small class sizes and a kind environment mean that children are nurtured and feel confident to approach their teachers. We build close relationships between home and school to make sure any small worries do not grow to be larger concerns. It is our responsibility to know every child, to support their journey through school and ensure that they flourish and grow. The school uses our Pelican Pathways programme to teach kindness, confidence, and self-awareness in the school and local community.

Head Teacher’s Philosophy

It’s important to foster an environment where a love of learning is at the forefront with kindness and confidence. Our school offers an approach where pupils become trailblazers, community builders, and global citizens – learning to be part of society instead of apart from it.

Outstanding Characteristics

A secret two-acre garden, state-of-the-art science labs and the makerspace, an innovative learning environment that encourages children to develop ideas, collaborate and problem solve. Access to Hyde Park and outstanding facilities including Imperial College’s Ethos sports centre. World class museums are a 5-minute walk allowing for regular immersive learning experiences – London truly is our classroom.