Address: 84 Frensham Road, Frensham, Farnham, Surrey GU10 3AH
Founded: 1906
Number of Pupils: 370
Ages: 2-13
Fees: (Per term) £3,857 – £6,263
Head Teacher: Daniel Cox
Religious Affiliation: Church of England: All faiths welcome
Entrance Procedure: Non-selective. Tour with Admissions Registrar followed by taster day. Reports requested from current school.
Contact: Deborah Tully
Email: [email protected]
School Visits: Friday 10th March and Thursday 8th June. Booking through school website

The Curriculum

Alongside Common Entrance in Maths, English and Science, the Pre-Senior Baccalaureate (PSB) is taught, offering a broad-based, ambitious academic and creative extra-curricular programme that allows children to excel and find their talents and areas they are passionate about.

Games & the Arts

With 50 acres of countryside, sport is key to daily life at Edgeborough. The school delivers a hugely varied programme of competitive team sports as well as swimming, athletics, tennis, cross country and climbing. Performing arts are integral to the curriculum with an extensive variety on offer in music, dance, drama, art, DT and design.

Pastoral Care

Children’s wellbeing, self-esteem and happiness are the centre of the school’s ethos. The school provides an intimate learning environment and exceptional pastoral care embedding a sense of independence, self-reliance and confidence where mutual trust and respect between pupils and staff are the fundamental guiding principles, and above all, encourage good citizenship

Recent Scholarships

Charterhouse, Cranleigh, Lord Wandsworth College, Wellington College, RGS Guildford and Bedales.

Headteacher’s Philosophy

Our determination to protect childhood coexists with our ambition for pupils to grow academically, socially and emotionally. The Edgeborough community inspires its pupils, promoting self-discovery; encouraging expression of individual beliefs and values, while at the same time, building strong relationships with everyone they encounter. Kindness and respect towards others, ourselves and the world around us is at the heart of the school. We endeavour to be forward thinking and progressive, enabling our children to recognise the importance of giving back to others

Outstanding Characteristics

Excellent teaching staff with high academic standards and a broad-based curriculum. Strong emphasis on the cross-curricular. Outdoor learning is a large part of everyday life. Children are encouraged to try new interests and take risks in a safe, supportive environment, building resilience for future challenges. All individual pupil achievements are celebrated and everyone is taught to celebrate others. Pupils leave well prepared academically and socially for a smooth transition into later life. ‘Inclusive, ambitious and a huge amount of fun’ The Good Schools Guide