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Hall School Wimbledon

By Anoop Bhuller

8 months ago

Address: 17 The Downs, Wimbledon, SW20 8HF
Website: www.hsw.co.uk
Founded: 1990
Number of pupils: 185
Ages: 7-18
Fees: (termly) Years 3-6 £5,940; Year 7 £6,690; Years 8-12 £6,870
Head Teacher: Andrew Hammond
Religious Affiliation: Non-denominational Christian ethos
Entrance Procedure: Non selective, Taster Day, Academic reports and reference from current school
Contact: Nalini Chamane, Head of Admissions
Email: [email protected]
School Visits: Make an enquiry and book individual tours at www.hsw.co.uk/open-days

The Curriculum

HSW offers a well-rounded curriculum with an extensive range of extra-curricular activities to instil enthusiasm and joy for learning. Great emphasis is placed on practical learning, encouraging inquisitiveness and an ability to think for oneself, within a supportive environment. 

Games & the Arts

Sport is played daily across our nine acres of playing fields with equal emphasis placed on team and individual sports. We are one of the few schools to offer Ball Girl and Ball Boy training for Wimbledon for our Year 9 pupils and have a great track record.  HSW has regular music recitals, productions and showcases as well as photography and art classes in our well-equipped Art studio.

Pastoral Care

Every pupil has a Class Teacher or Head of Year whom they can confide in and who oversees their academic, moral and pastoral development. Our approach recognises each pupil’s unique qualities and provides them with the specific care, attention and support they require at each stage of their school life. Ultimately, when pupils leave Hall School Wimbledon, they are emotionally and socially mature.

Recent Scholarships

HSW offers scholarships (Academic, Expressive Arts or Sport) to gifted and talented children applying for
Year 7.

Head Teacher’s Philosophy

‘Innate ability comes in many forms, extending far beyond the narrow metric of academic assessment. At HSW, we ask ‘How are you smart?’ rather than ‘How smart are you?’. Finding ways to boost our pupils’ self-worth, in order to support their self-discipline and self-confidence is fundamental to life here.’

Outstanding Characteristics

HSW is a dynamic and vibrant place of learning that offers an all-round holistic education in the heart of Wimbledon, with sport played daily. Our excellent pastoral care fosters a postive atmosphere that promotes resillience, fairness and equal opportunities and our small class sizes ensure each child gets the attention they need and are encouraged to express their opinions.