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Hurstpierpoint College

By Coby F

2 years ago

Hurstpierpoint College

Address: College Lane, Hassocks, West Sussex BN6 9JS
Website: hppc.co.uk
Number of Pupils: 1290
Founded: 1849
Fees: From £3,670 to £12,340 per term
Religious Affiliation: Church of England
Head Teacher: Dominic Mott
Entrance Procedure: Selective. Entry tests for all entry points as well as assessment days.
Contact: Dianne Allison
Email: [email protected]
School Visits: Yes, each week day

The Curriculum

A challenging and balanced curriculum with breadth, depth and intellectual rigour. High expectations and aspirations for every pupil are realised through Challenge Grades and outstanding Vallue Added scores.

Games & The Arts

A broad range of creative, cultural, social and sporting activities and opportunities accessible to every pupil at all levels. Full engagement and commitment from pupils and staff who understand and respect the value of every activity within the programme and embrace this.

Pastoral Care

A warm, supportive environment where diversity is celebrated and every puils feel that they are welcomed, respected and valued for who they are. A strong sense of community and collective identity. A genuince co-educational experience and strong sense of personal responsibility and service to others. A safe, civilised and homely setting, caring for the health of our pupils and our environment.

University Places

Top 5 university destinations for 2022 leavers include Exeter, Durham, Bath, Bristol, Oxford Brooks. The majority of leavers go to their first choice university.

Head Teacher’s Philosophy

All encompassing and comprises a million little things every day, based around our core mantra of Work Hard, Do Good and Engage. Expectations and aspirations are high, but they are individually tailored: pupils are judged against their potential and encouraged to focus on performing at their personal best. We embrace a culture of kindness in which everyone contributes to the lives of others.

Outstanding Characteristics

No-one on the bench philosophy means every individual makes the most of their talents and engages with a wealth of extraordinary opportunities available to them. We are constantly seeking to improve and refine what we do and embrace innovation in order to provide the very best education possible. Above all, the school exists for the benefit of the pupils.