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L’Ecole des Petits

By Coby F

3 years ago

L'Ecole des Petits

Address: 2 Hazlebury Road, London SW6 2NB
Website: www.lecoledespetits.co.uk
Founded: 1977
Number of Pupils: 125
Ages: 3-6
Fees: £5.245 per term
Principal: F. Brisset
Deputy Head:  E. Mesnage
Religious Affiliation: Non-denominational
Entrance Procedure: Non-selective
Contact:  Registrar – V. Daniélou
Email:  [email protected]
School Visits: We offer weekly on-site visits for any parents wishing to discover our school. Online presentations are also available.

The Curriculum

French & English bilingual teaching of the French curriculum inspired by the British education system. After three years, children should be speaking both languages fluently and with equal ease.

Games & the Arts

Sports and arts are part of the curriculum. Weekly ballet classes, music and visual arts, as well as history of arts culminating with Le Musée des Petits pop up gallery. These are taught by teachers specialised in their field.

Pastoral Care

Working with very young minds and hearts, we are acutely aware of how important it is to create an environment where pupils and staff can thrive, not only academically but also personally and emotionally. We aim to build resilience and enhance emotional intelligence through a range of stimulating activities, like assemblies, workshops on emotions, as well as through everyday encouragement of living out our values of kindness and respect.

Head Teacher’s Philosophy

My aim is for every child to be happy at school. Each child must be given the chance and receive encouragement to progress and succeed at their own pace. Self-confidence and trust in the community are crucial. Helping others and receiving their support are equally important.

Outstanding Characteristics

  • Small numbers
  • Consistent ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted inspections
  • Early bilingualism
  • Multi-cultural and diverse school community
  • Ambitious curriculum combining academics, sports and arts
  • Varied offer of school trips, visiting shows, after school clubs etc