Melissa Odabash’s Glamourous Guide To Capri

By Felicity Carter

10 months ago

The swimwear designer shares her holiday hotspots

When we say Capri, we think glamour – and come August, it’s an Italian hotspot for anyone who’s someone. Famous for its scenery, there’s the Blue Grotto and rugged landscape that provide a backdrop to upscale restaurants, fun beach clubs, shopping and luxury hotels. Designer Melissa Odabash proves that the island is the place to lounge, party, dine and relax in whatever the time of year – although we prefer a summer sojourn complete with swimming costume and kaftan – as she shares her guide to making the most of Capri.

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Melissa Odabash’s Guide To Capri


White hotel villa

Hotel La Palma

Right in town, it has a beautiful roof terrace with a great bar scene and sharing menu if you’re with family and friends. It overlooks the Grand Hotel Quisisana – Capri’s oldest hotel.

White villa hotel

Grand Hotel Quisisana

One of the most famous hotels of the island, I first stayed there 25 years ago. It is right in the centre, and everyone walks by it, and it’s still the most popular place. Everyone meets at their front terrace at 7pm for cocktails – it’s the best people watching spot. The poolside lunch is so delicious, the pasta with vongole my favourite.

Hotel by ocean lit up at night

Hotel Luna Capri

It is set in the most picturesque spot, built into the cliffs overlooking the famous Faraglioni rocks. The hotel has an outdoor gym with incredible views, and the path to get to the hotel is surrounded by bougainvillea flowers.


The Arco Naturale

(c) Sofia MV, Unsplash

The Arco Naturale

I do a hike every morning because I eat so much pasta. The Arco Naturale, are a series of stunning natural rock formations; you can walk the flat road straight from town, or the hard way walk around the cliffs (with lots of steps), you pass some of the most iconic houses on the walk such as Villa Malaparte and the views are insane, next to the arc is Restaurant Le Grottelle, the terrace is like floating on the top of the cliff food is so delicious.

Viewpoint overlooking sea

Villa Lysis

This is an amazing private villa that sits on the side of the mountain, overlooking the main port of Capri. You can pay a couple of euros to go see inside the famous, historic villa and its gardens, the views are worth the walk.

Via Krupp

(c) Julien Chatelain, Unsplash

Via Krupp

It has just reopened after 30 years and takes you straight to the beach clubs on this incredible stone spiral path that overlooks the cliffs and sea. You’ll then arrive straight at Marina Piccola with 10 beach clubs to choose from.

Boats on sea

(c) Mackenzie Vance, Unsplash

Hire A Boat

Another must it to rent a Capri boat that takes you around the island into all the hidden caves, there are so many rental places in the port you pay by the hour, you can pack a lunch for the boat, and you’ll be taken to the famous Blue Grotto and other stunning rock formations.


White spa

Capri Palace Jumeirah

Capri Palace Jumeirah has a very famous detox spa and has an amazing treatment where they wrap your legs for a special detox, it’s for cellulite, water retention, all vascular problems, I can personally say it really works. I laid there with my team having my legs wrapped in special mud, we hotel also offers cold water therapy, and I saw a difference in one session.


Generally, in Capri, you’ll walk a lot as there aren’t many cars, but lots of stairs, so you burn off everything you eat. I always walk to the beach clubs, the water in Capri is so clear, so you’re swimming all day too. I love beach clubs for the day as it’s too hot to stay in town.

Beach club

Da Luigi ai Faraglioni

The owners couldn’t be nicer, the food is amazing, and it has the best views that look like they’re right out of a Slim Aarons book. I could take pictures here all day, the lounge chairs are spread out over the rocks, and there is a staircase straight into the sea. The restaurant is set higher up, overlooking the sea – order the pasta with zucchini, it’s a must and schi schi pasta.

Close up of set table

Da Gioia by La Palma

It has stunning crystal-clear water, delicious food, and top service; it’s very exclusive and opened this year. It’s down at Marina Piccola, surrounded by stunning cliffs. The beach side service is great, they bring yummy shots of fresh juices whilst sunbathing. For lunch try the sea bass with roasted potatoes, tomatoes, there are also lots of tapas style appetizers, which are ideal as it’s too hard to decide what to eat but follow it with a tiramisu.


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Fontelina Beach Club

Again, it’s an iconic beach club, and a celeb favourite. Use the staircases to do to the water, or it can be reached by boat for those who can’t do the long walk.


La Villa Verde

There’s a really fun atmosphere here. Be sure to order the fresh mozzarella and tomato salad, it is so good, I also love the salt baked sea bass.

Il Riccio Ristorante Anacapri

It has the most famous dessert room called the ‘temptation room’ where there is every single dessert you can imagine which is insane, it sits built into the rocks with incredible sunsets. The open-air style restaurant looks like Greece, it’s all blue and white with a huge wrap around restaurant. Here they serve up their famous pasta dishes made from sea urchins, it’s a big celeb hangout. Below there is a pop-up Dior store and a few lounges for hotel guests on top of the sea.

Close up of plate of food

Le Camarelle

Right along the main shopping street is Le Camarelle, here there are tiny tables along the walkway with canvas tapestry tops, and great décor. The owner is very hands on and will recommend the special dishes that you should order, it’s great as it is on the best shopping street, so a convenient place to stop for lunch.

Featured image: Emran Yousof, Unsplash