Alan Scott: The Launch Of A Revolutionary New Cashmere-Based Menswear Brand

By CTH Editors

5 months ago

Alan Scott is a Great British Brand 2024

Alan Scott is an entry in our Great British Brands 2024 book. 

Alan Scott: Great British Brand 2024

‘Alan Scott is an innovative new luxury menswear brand that launched in 2023. Taking almost three years to develop due to the nature of the product, it utilises a patented new fabric made from cashmere. The fabric’s allure lies in its unprecedented ability to stretch – a ground-breaking fusion of luxurious textiles and avant-garde technology. The actual feel of it is amazing. It is really exciting creating something that doesn’t exist in the market.

Growing up with birds of prey, due to my father’s profession as a falconer, I draw inspiration from them for the design of this clothing collection. The leatherwork, gestures, and stitching all reflect the intricate details found in birds of prey, giving me an authentic starting point to establish this brand.

The product is meticulously crafted in Italy, where artisans create perfection. It exudes a sense of craftsmanship and artistry. The collection effortlessly embraces comfort, whether worn casually or in the boardroom or aboard a plane. Its international appeal caters to discerning individuals of high net worth, who traverse the globe yet refuse to be confined by traditional suits.

Months of painstaking preparation were required to meet the demand for our stock at Harrods. However, their unwavering belief in our vision led to an extraordinary opportunity: a pop-up shop that materialised from mere dreams. It was an awe-inspiring experience to go into there with no prior history, a testament to their unwavering faith in our brand.

The possibilities for this remarkable fabric are endless, with countless variations waiting to be explored. By infusing it with silk, linen, and other natural fibres, we can breathe new life into its essence, creating really special collections of clothes.’

Alan Scott, Founder

Alan Scott is a Great British Brand 2024

Five Proudest Moments

1. Launching the brand exclusively in Harrods in September 2023 with a pop-up store on the mens’ international designer floor, and a space dedicated to made-to-measure for private clients.

2. Working with musician Bryan Adams in 2023 to shoot the first pieces, styled by Creative Director Jo Hambro.

3. Working with Coppi Barbieri in 2023. They photographed my father’s falconry kit, creating inspirational pictures like Old Masters, incorporating the leather pieces of hoods and gauntlets alongside the fabrics. 

4. Having my original oil-on-canvas paintings of birds of prey displayed in Harrods in 2023, as the backdrop to the collection.

5. Proving that the fabric and technical stretch innovation works and is appreciated by the customers.

What I’ve Learnt…

  • Having the patience not to rush to launch, carefully unlocking the message to create the necessary desire for a new luxury brand.
  • Keeping focused on the brand story and its unique patented stretch technology.
  • Embracing the modern diverse customer landscape by creating something international and special that resonates with customers.


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