What On Earth Is A Bogg Bag?

By Olivia Emily

1 week ago

Is this the Croc of the bag world?

Looking for a new summer tote? While your interest may be piqued by a chic raffia bag – a material which gathers a cult following every time the sun comes out – there’s another bag making waves this year: the Bogg Bag. But what on earth is this very ugly sounding bag, and why are people so obsessed?

The Bogg Bag Is The Latest Ugly Accessory The World Covets

What Is A Bogg Bag?

A Bogg Bag is a large, durable tote bag designed for use at the beach. Created by New Jersey mother Kim Vaccarella, they come in a variety of sizes and colourways, and are waterproof, washable, trip-proof and durable.

Vaccarella originally designed the bag after years of seeking the perfect beach bag to hold all of her family’s belongings. As she writes on the About section of the brand’s website, ‘After many years of buying beach bags, we just couldn’t find one that met our needs: large enough to carry everything for a day at the beach or pool; sturdy and durable enough to not tip over and spill everything; and easily cleanable with a quick rinse off. We searched and searched but couldn’t find one bag to handle those three things.’

Today, the Bogg Bag is available in four sizes: Original, Baby, Bitty, and a bag specifically designed to carry a bottle of wine.


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What Can You Use It For?

Bogg Bags are designed to be versatile, so they can be used for pretty much anything. Some uses include:

  • Beach tote
  • Gym bag
  • School bag
  • Work Bag
  • Carrying grocery shopping
  • Moving laundry
  • Collecting recycling

The Bogg Bag has gathered a cult following due to being durable, easily washable and comfortable to carry, as well as coming in a variety of colours and sizes. Plus, the brand has launched a plethora of accessories to keep their bags exciting, including inserts, bottle holders, cool bag inserts, tassels for straps, and decorative ‘Bogg Bits’ (akin to Crocs’ Jibbitz).


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Can You Take A Bogg Bag On A Plane?

Yes, Bogg Bags make great carry-on bags. The Original Bogg is 19 x 9 x 14 inches, so fits snugly under the seat in front of you or easily in the overhead compartment. The Baby Bogg and the Bitty Bogg fit both with plenty of room.

Is Bogg Bag Owned By Crocs?

No, Crocs do not own Bogg Bag – though the similarities are undeniable. Bogg Bags are made with a similar material to Crocs, and also have holes which can be decorated and personalised with charms. On creating the first Bogg Bag, founder and CEO Kim Vaccarella says: ‘One day, on a trip to the Jersey Shore, we realized we had forgotten the kids’ flip flops so we stopped at a local surf shop. My son came across a pair of those funny looking shoes that everyone was talking about and asked for those, so we bought 3 pairs. I became fascinated with the lightweight material and feel of their new shoes. My husband and I played with the shoes all day talking about how cool they were. It was then we had our AHA! Moment! THIS is what a beach bag should be made of!’

While Vaccarella doesn’t name Crocs explicitly, there’s one pair of ‘funny looking shoes that everyone was talking about’ that springs to mind for us at least…