Coquette Nails Are (Still) Trending – Here’s Why

By Charlie Colville

2 weeks ago

Bows and pastels and pearls, oh my

If 2023’s Barbie taught us anything, it’s that unapologetic girliness is here to stay – and in 2024 it’s one of the hottest beauty trends, coming courtesy of the coquette aesthetic. But how does it translate to the world of nail art? We ask the experts what we need to know about the coquette manicure, the internet’s new favourite nail set.

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What Is A Coquette Manicure?

‘A coquette manicure embodies a feminine, girly aesthetic,’ explains Emma Carnell, a nail technician at 10outof10. ‘It involves using pastel colours, hand-painting delicate bows and adorning nails with various charms to achieve a pretty and clean look.’

You likely will have already spotted the coquette aesthetic – which, as Emma outlined, consists primarily of bows, pastels and girly motifs – on the runway, at the salon and even in interior design catalogues (we love a door bow). But, if TikTok is to be believed, this season it’s all about the nails; a quick flick through the app will reveal almost 64 million posts tagged under #coquettenails, and a further 107.9 million under #coquetteaesthetic.

But what’s the appeal with this manicure? ‘The coquette style is gaining popularity because it offers a charming and eye-catching way for individuals to express themselves,’ suggests Emma. ‘For those who desire to stand out and be admired, the allure of charms and nail art provides a means to achieve that. It’s about making a statement and feeling beautiful and unique in a crowd.’ And with the seal of approval already given by big names like Sydney Sweeney, Ariana Grande, Lana Del Rey and Billie Eilish, how could we argue?

How To Ask For A Coquette Manicure At The Salon

The key to getting any manicure is communicating what you’d like to try with your nail tech; bring plenty of reference photos (a mood board also works well) and a fairly clear idea of the direction you want to take. Then it’s just a matter of taking yourself to the salon. ‘When requesting a coquette manicure at the salon, simply bring your nails to the appointment and let your nail technician work their magic,’ says Emma, who also recommends a few design notes to try when channelling the trend. ‘Opt for pastel colours and an array of charms to adorn your nails, as this encapsulates the essence of the coquette manicure.’

‘To sport this must-have look, opt for muted pastel shades, soft pinks – reminiscent of ballet slippers or chic milky whites,’ adds the team at Townhouse. ‘If you fancy adding that little something extra, ask for a dainty bow or heart nail art accent; perfect for the ultimate coquette aesthetic.’

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How To Recreate The Look At Home

‘When creating a coquette manicure at home, gather some pastel-coloured polishes and ensure your nails are neatly manicured,’ advises Emma. ‘You can add bows and charms for extra flair. Remember, the key is to keep it clean and sharp while embracing creativity with your choice of adornments.’

The Future Of Coquette Nails

So, what next? Bigger and bolder designs, according to Emma: ‘I foresee it evolving to emphasise larger charms and even more elaborate designs. The focus will be on making a bold statement, with nails becoming an even more prominent form of self-expression and personal style.’

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