Kipling Has Launched A Purple-Tastic Collab With Emily In Paris

By Olivia Emily

7 months ago

Emily in Paris? More like Emily in Purple

Oh la la! Kipling has had a vibrant revamp inspired by Emily in Paris, creating a line of lively purple handbags. Would Emily wear one? Definitely. Would Sylvie? Definitely not. Regardless, here’s your first peek at the Kiping X Emily in Paris collection.

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Kipling X Emily In Paris

Kipling x Emily In Paris

With seven products coloured in an intense floral lilac, Kipling’s collaboration with Netflix’s popular series Emily in Paris plugs straight into the peppy, dialled-up style of the titular character. With glossy and furry variations across a range of small bags, each piece exudes youthful, playful charm, especially adorned with their added accessories.

A playful brand in itself, Kipling has created a new monkey charm for the occasion, as well as adding cute enamel charms across the collection, including an Eiffel Tower, a bottle of champagne and a stylised Très Bien. Opt for the Aminda, Bina, Milda or Riri style, and you’ll also be treated to a chic tied-on scarf that Emily would surely covet.

Kipling x Emily In Paris

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When & Where Can We Shop The Kipling X Emily In Paris Collection?

You can shop the collection now at

Images courtesy of Kipling