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By Olivia Emily

7 months ago

Sparkles? For the festive season? Groundbreaking

Our feeds are full of glittery goodness right now – and when better to indulge in some new sparkles than ahead of the festive season? Here are our top sparkly picks to buy or rent this season, from sequin stars to rhinestone beauties.

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Why Sparkles?

Firstly, why not? If you’re hesitant to wear sparkles, though, we understand. They’ve been in and out of the trend cycle for yonks, and can often zoom through the realm of kitsch straight through to unironic tackiness. That kitschness is crucial to sparkles, though: they’re fun, they’re flashy, and they’re showy offy. In short, the perfect partywear.

To avoid tackiness, the best port of call is to invest in your sparkles. Say ‘no’ to lurid yellow-golds, haphazardly sewn sequins and missing rhinestones and embrace chicer, higher quality renditions of the trend. Investing in your sparkles pays off, too: this trend is here to stay, a perennial fashion gift blossoming every Christmas.

Sparkles For Wallflowers

If you don’t like being the star of the show, incorporate your sparkles in a more discreet way, with small touches like shoes and hair clips, black sequins for a subtle shine, or shimmery festive knitwear.

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Sparkles: The Edit

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