Chasing Sunsets: A Sizzling Ibiza Summer Shoot

By Nicole Smallwood

8 months ago

Starring the coolest eco-conscious fashion

Fashion’s story is beginning to change and a new dawn is breaking. Here’s C&TH‘s Ibiza summer shoot, captured at Six Senses Ibiza. It’s packed with cool, eco threads for the best planet-friendly fashion brands around, many of which are stocked at Agora, the resort’s on-site boutique helmed by fashion editors Tiffanie Darke and Daniela Agnelli.

Chasing Sunsets: A Sizzling Ibiza Summer Shoot


Fashion Director: Nicole Smallwood; Photographer: Dan Hack; Make-up: Charlotte Reid using ILIA, The Natural Africa and Hair by Sam McKnight; Fashion Assistant: April McCarthy

Brands Used in the Ibiza Summer Shoot

Alberta Ferretti

In January 2023 Alberta Ferretti joined forces with Skyway Monte Bianco to create a sustainable project in support of the Mont Blanc Glaciers. The limited edition capsule sweater collection was made of soft recycled cashmere, with a portion of proceeds from each sale donated to environmental projects dedicated to the conservation of the Mont Blanc glaciers. Organic chiffon and sustainable viscose organzine are used throughout the summer 2023 collection.


At Caravana, sustainability is defined as the responsible interplay of having a positive environmental, social and human impact. It believes fashion is not an industry but a community of artisans who should be rewarded and honoured for their talent. The brand only use natural fibres, rejecting all types of materials such as nylon, polyester or plastics, and all its pieces and accessories are handmade in its workshop in Valladolid, Mexico, each taking many hours to create.

Hunza G

Born in the UK, Hunza G’s signature one-size crinkle swimsuits are made with no wastage. Its one-size stance is not only an effort to remain an inclusive brand, but also reduces the risk of over-purchased sizing on a commercial level. Ethical and comfortable, each piece is intended to see you through a lifetime.


The brand uses regenerated nylon made mostly from fishermen’s nets, and aims to provide sustainable yet affordable swimwear for women, produced ethically in the UK. Its collection is handmade in an energy-efficient facility in London’s Chelsea area.

Marcel Rodrigues

Marcel Rodrigues’s clothing is either made from end of line, dead stock or rejected cloth from UK mills. All its products are handmade in its Cornwall workshop using 100 percent renewable energy.

Medina Swimwear

Circularity is a key pillar of the brand. Entirely made in Europe, Medina pieces are crafted from fabrics using Econyl, an innovative nylon yarn, produced completely from recovered fishnets and other nylon waste. Besides being chlorine, sun cream and oil-resistant, it’s infinitely recyclable avoiding the use of new resources. Medina is constantly looking for material innovation to incorporate into its production, such as seaweed-based fabric SeaCell or hardware made in a factory that’s entirely run by photovoltaic energy.

Rejina Pyo

For every product it creates, the team carefully considers the aesthetic, quality, functionality, and sustainability attributes of the materials. The brand has been working hard to build the right network of suppliers that can support its goal to source and develop environmentally preferred materials.

Sam Ubhi

 Sam Ubhi is a firm believer in taking a responsible approach to the materials it uses and the impact they have on the environment. Its jewellery is sustainably handcrafted using recycled materials.

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney’s sustainable vision is guided by and accountable to its bold values – ‘making every action count, inspiring trust and celebrating life. We are change agents; we are activists. We stand up and speak up for Mother Earth, our fellow animals and in solidarity with all humans’. It is a vegetarian company, which means that no animals are killed for its products. ‘None of our collections contain leather, feathers, fur or exotic skins, and none of the glues used in our shoes or bags come from animals either’. In 2008, Stella McCartney began to phase out its use of PVC and, since 2010, all Stella McCartney products have been proudly PVC-free.

SO-LE Studio

Maria Sole Ferragamo founded SO-LE Studio with the mission to transform leftover materials such as leather and brass into unique sculptural jewellery. She works with the materials she finds and sees strength in scarcity; she transforms these into unique wearable design objects, naturally limited in numbers.


Vrai’s jewellery features diamonds created in its zero-emission foundry, which utilises renewable energy to create stones that are atomically identical to mined diamonds. This ensures that every created diamond is unique, has guaranteed origin and no human or environmental toll. The packaging is made from recyclable, compostable and reusable materials: all the shipping boxes are created from recycled cardboard while the moulded trays that hold each jewellery box made from compressed sugarcane pulp, an environmentally friendly and renewable resource.


The brand’s design, sourcing, retail and logistics are constantly being evaluated for the best options in this fast-changing space and it is committed to being transparent about its journey. It is actively implementing policies and processes to ensure that it is a responsible fashion business. It’s also a member of the United Nations Global Compact and therefore has declared support for the Ten Principles on human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption, and has joined the NEST Coalition for Craft and Culture.