GANNI Introduces New Peer-To-Peer Resale Platform
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GANNI Introduces New Peer-To-Peer Resale Platform

Let's keep things circular, shall we?

Sustainable fashion is on the rise – and brands are taking notice. The latest big name to make waves is GANNI, which has just launched a new resale service on its website.

GANNI Introduces New Peer-To-Peer Resale Platform

Earlier this month, affordable luxury brand GANNI launched a new peer-to-peer resale platform on its website. An expansion of its already thriving rental service, the new addition will put the buying and selling of pre-loved GANNI styles in the hands of its community.

The project was brought to life through a partnership with resell platform Reflaunt, which has helped create a marketplace on GANNI’s website. Sellers are able to list their pre-loved GANNI products, and collect payment through either bank transfer or purchase credit with an additional 20 per cent value to spend online once their item is sold.

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Since 2019, GANNI has been on a roll when it comes to alternative shopping options. Starting with GANNI REPEAT, its circular fashion-focused rental service, the brand has been keen to open up different avenues for its customers when it comes to shopping new styles and trends.

GANNI’s founder, Nicolaj Reffstrup, commented: ‘At GANNI, we believe that responsibility is a prerequisite for doing business in the future. Our community has a superfluid approach to their wardrobe so we’re offering them multiple ways of renting, returning, reselling, wearing, and owning GANNI. And we’re determined to make it so seamless you don’t even notice you made the responsible choice. By now we’re covering all bases offering resale, take-back schemes, rentals, and repairs. Our efforts will only have a real impact if they scale, so please have a go at it.’


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