Almond Nails Are Everywhere Right Now – Here's How To Get Them
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Almond Nails Are Everywhere Right Now – Here’s How To Get Them

Let's get to the point of this new nail trend

When we think of nail trends, usually what springs to mind first is whizzy nail art, bright colours and French manicures – but have you given much thought to the shape of your nails? Almond nails are the latest fad to hit salons this year, having been the shape of choice amongst celebrities throughout 2023. Here’s how to get onboard with the trend, and recreate it at home.

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What Are Almond Nails?

‘Almond nails are nails that have been shaped with thinner side walls creating a soft reverse triangle shape, so that they look like the pointed tip of an almond,’ explains Emma Brown, Nail Technician at YoungLDN. ‘They are typically softer on the point of the nail than a stiletto shape; the idea is to create a longer shape to the nails, and this makes the fingers appear longer and more elegant.’

‘They’re a stunning tailored nail shape that has become super popular recently,’ adds Kamden Monplaisir, owner of Awe London. ‘It’s a great blend of a round and stiletto nail. Once your nail length begins to grow out almond is a classy option for a longer nail; it remains subtle and still looks great with a french tip or bold colour.’

A more timeless shape, Emma tells us that almond nails fall under the traditional shape category (alongside ‘square’ and ’round’), which has been touted by a slew of celebrities in recent years. ‘It turns out celebrities do love an almond shape,’ Emma agrees. ‘Most recently Hailey Bieber has been spotted with the iconic shape. Dua lipa, Lizzo and Beyonce are some musical babes rocking almond nails, as well as Megan Fox, Kate Hudson and J-Lo. Even the Kardashians are in on the shape.’

It’s also proving to be a popular shape closer to home too, as Kamden explains how many of her clients these days opt for almond nails: ‘We are seeing many more clients experiment with different nail arts, a great way to see the true beauty of a French tip or some nail art is to have it on a longer nail bed. Our clients are opting in for longer nails now, almond is a great option for length but still looks classy and mature.’

While the shape may be a fun trend now, it has a much more extensive history than you might think. ‘The history of the almond shape is quite interesting,’ agrees Emma. ‘It became popular during World War Two, just as women were being encouraged into the armed services. It then became iconic through women like Elizabeth Taylor who wore the shape to symbolise elegance and a sense of feminine style – much like how it is still seen today. It was also typically worn in red, which again gives us that classic visual of a manicure showcasing a woman with long, beautifully shaped red nails.’

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How To Ask For Almond Nails In The Salon (& What To Expect)

‘Most practiced nail technicians should know the traditional shapes including almond, round, square, square-round and stiletto,’ says Emma. ‘So simply ask for an almond shape and your nail technician should provide; if the shape is too pointed for you, you can ask for it slightly more rounded at the ends or slightly softer.’ It will also help if you bring photo references so that your nail tech can tailor the shape to your preferences.

As for the process of creating almond nails, Emma explains how, ‘Almond nails are created by gently filing the side walls inward, creating the illusion of longer nails. The end is then kept slightly pointed or slightly curved to create that well known almond shape.’

How To Create The Look At Home

If you want to recreate the look at home, Emma advises you start growing your nails out. ‘The most important tip for trying almond nails is the length of your nails,’ she says. ‘If your nail length is too short the almond nails will look bulky and not give the illusion of length.’

She also shares her tips on how to get that central point: ‘Make sure the tip of the nail is straight and not wonky when you are filing. To combat this, look at the nail from the angle of your hands flat out in front of you – this will help you see if any points are over-filed to one side or the other. It is also fun to try out variations of the pointed end of the nail, from softer to more pointed curves. Then you can discover your favourite way to wear the almond nail.’

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How To Maintain Almond Nails

Want to keep your almond nails looking good for longer? Emma warns that, to keep your nails in tip-top shape, you need to stop using them to open and pick at things. ‘The tips of the nails will now be the weakest part and using them as tools can crack or break your new nails,’ she says.

‘As tempting as it will be to use the tips of your nails to help you open, pick or scrape things, don’t,’ reiterates Kamden. ‘Please remember that your nails are not tools, they must be protected at all costs. Try using the sides of your fingers or knuckles to help out instead.’

It’s also worth choosing a length that works best for you, and won’t get in the way of day-to-day tasks. ‘Keep your nails at a manageable length,’ says Emma. ‘If they are too long and you have a job that involves a lot of typing you can find it suddenly very difficult to type – they’ll also be more prone to breaking.’

Nail health also comes into play here, Emma tells us. ‘To help maintain an almond shape, it is also good to build up stronger nails,’ she says. ‘If you’ve have been gifted naturally with stronger nails that’s great, otherwise you can apply a gel on top of each nail to prevent them from breaking.’

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Featured image: Awe London