How To Recreate The TikTok-Famous Aura Nails Trend At Home

By Charlie Colville

2 months ago

We're getting good vibes from this manicure

Wondering what’s up and coming in the world of nail art? We have it on good authority that the next big thing is aura nails, a manicure that plays with soft colours and gradient finishes. Here’s everything you need to know – and how to recreate the look at home.

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What Are Aura Nails?

‘The word “aura” refers to the multi-hued atmosphere surrounding a person or thing, often visualised as a blurry glow,’ explains beauty professional and LOOKFANTASTIC Beauty Pro Aisha Yousaf. ‘Aura nails are a visual representation of this through nail art. The manicure usually consists of two complimentary yet contrasting colours – a solid base colour, with a second colour applied in the centre of the nail and blurred outward, giving an orb effect.’

Aura nails are currently having a moment on the internet trend circuit, with Pinterest noting a 116 percent uptick in searches and TikTok amassing over 97 million views for the search term #auranails. ‘This soft way of wearing otherwise bold colours allows people to ease their way into spring and summer colour palettes, which feels quite apt during transeasonal periods like this,’ adds Aisha. ‘It also means clients don’t have to choose just one colour! And with influential shows like Euphoria and celebs like Hailey Bieber advocating more colourful beauty trends, we expect to see much more of aura nails in the future.’

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And it seems a number of celebs have already picked up on the trend, as Aisha notes: ‘Over the past year we’ve seen the likes of Hailey Bieber, Megan Fox, Sydney Sweeney and Vanessa Hudgens put their own spin on the trend – from a nude base and pop of colour to a full mix and match molten metals set, there are so many ways you can incorporate the aura nail trend into your own manicure.’

How To Ask For The Manicure In The Salon

‘Most nail technicians will understand your request of aura nails, whilst some might refer to them as “airbrush” nails,’ says Aisha, who also recommends you do some research on the styles you want to try ahead of your visit. ‘It’s always a good idea to find some inspiration pictures and think about your preferred colour palette, so that your nail tech has a clear idea of what you want. Having a conversation with your tech before your appointment also helps to make it a seamless process and allows them time to prepare; whether that’s making sure they have the appropriate kit or practicing different techniques to deliver your desired result.’

How Are Aura Nails Created In The Salon?

Once you’ve decided on the style you want to try, it’s just a matter of letting your nail tech work their magic. ‘Aura nails can be created in several ways, but the two most common methods are via pigments and airbrushing,’ explains Aisha. ‘A base colour is applied all over the nail, then a contrasting colour is applied just in the centre and diffused out to create an ombre effect. Due to current speculation on the safety of using airbrushes with gel nail products, it is best to ask your nail technician to create this design using pigments. This is completely safe and just as effective, without the danger of inhaling small gel particles.’

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How To Recreate Aura Nails At Home

Keen to try the trend at home? All you’ll need is two nail polishes and a disposable sponge. ‘I would recommend a sheer or light colour for your base (like lavender), followed by a vibrant pop of colour (maybe hot pink) to create the orb,’ says Aisha. ‘To recreate the look, follow these steps:

  1. Apply a base coat to prevent nail staining.
  2. Apply your light base colour (make sure this is completely dry).
  3. Add a tiny drop of your bright colour.
  4. Using a clean, dry sponge gently dab over this dot until it begins to diffuse (if your polish isn’t very pigmented, you may have to wait for this layer to dry and repeat).
  5. Once you have the desired effect, protect your design with your favourite top coat.’

The Future Of Aura Nails

It’s a pretty big trend now, but Aisha sees aura nails getting even bigger (literally) in the future. ‘Given the increasing popularity of depth, dimension and general maximalism in the beauty world, I can see this nail trend evolving in the fashion world with the addition of 3D elements,’ she says. ‘Think jewellery for your fingertips. Why not mix it with the ever-popular glazed donut chrome trend or the rising demand for pearls and gems? The aura nail is the perfect backdrop to further creativity.’

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Featured image: Hilda Custodio, @paytonmanis on Instagtam