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Body & Soul: Your Guide to Slowing Down

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Slow and steady wins the race

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Camilla Hewitt investigates how to cultivate a slow mindset.

Body & Soul: Your Guide to Slowing Down

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Mindful Moments

Slow hobbies such as writing require your full attention. Being fully present and focused on the task at hand creates a moment of mindfulness. Whether you’re a keen writer or just searching for a slow hobby, the writing workshops at Another Place, a hotel on the shores of Ullswater, could be for you.

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Move Slow

The ancient Chinese practice of qigong is designed to improve wellbeing through slow body movements, mental focus and controlled breathing. Meaning ‘master of one’s energy’, qigong helps promote physical, mental and spiritual health by combining meditation and gentle exercise. Try Hayo’uFit’s online classes.

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Timely Travel

Kinfolk Travel offers readers a road map for planning trips that foster connections with local people and authentic experiences. The latest book from the pioneers of slow living celebrates slow travel and the idea that an attitude of discovery is more meaningful than a specific itinerary. Featuring destinations across six continents, Kinfolk Travel offers an easy, mindful approach to exploring the world at your own pace.

Mission C Pre-Workout + CBD Oil

Take It Slow

Research suggests that it takes approximately 22 days to form a new habit, which is why CBD brand Mission C has set a 22-day programme: to show people the positive impact CBD can have on their lives by making sustainable habits. The brands targeted products span across three ranges – sports, skincare and mental health.

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Slow Recovery

Stretching for 50 minutes is a big ask for anyone but allowing yourself time to loosen up can benefit both your physical and mental health. Stretching allows blood and oxygen to flow better, improving mental clarity, and your chances of completing that to-do list. StretchLAB aims to make stretching a regular part of self-care routines with assisted sessions.

Forestis balcony exterior

CHECK IN: Forestis, South Tyrol

Found deep within the mountain forest of the Dolomites, Forestis is the ideal place for the adventurous traveller to unplug, a place where time can be sensed and filled with value through physical and mental mindfulness. Forestis offers a range of experiences that focus on wellness. Surrounded by the elements of pure spring water, pristine mountain air, countless hours of sunshine and a mild climate, daily curated experiences include Wyda Celtic yoga and hiking tours.

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