Everything You Need To Know About The Bvlgari Spa’s New Treatments

By Martha Davies

1 month ago

Three transformative spa journeys have just launched

Want to get your wellness fix? Try out one of Bvlgari Hotel London’s new spa journeys, says Martha Davies.

Review: The Bvlgari Spa

Picture the scene: you’re floating in the middle of a pool, weightless and serene, with light gently filtering through your closed eyes and meditation music floating towards you as if on a phantom breeze. Sound like a far-off dream? Well, it might not seem like something you’ll find under gloomy British skies, but there’s one place in the capital where such tranquility is guaranteed: Bvlgari Hotel London.

The picture of Knightsbridge glamour, the hotel stands just a stone’s throw from Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Hyde Park. Its spa is, frankly, palatial, complete with 11 private treatment rooms, a luxury WORKSHOP gym, and a 25-metre colonnaded swimming pool – one of the longest luxury pools in London. As if this wasn’t jaw-dropping enough, Bvlgari Hotel London has recently launched a brand new wellness offering encompassing three transformative spa journeys.

Hyperbaric oxygen chamber with an armchair beside it

The first of these focuses on longevity, allowing guests to make the most of oxygen-fuelled healing thanks to a state-of-the-art Hyperbaric Oxygen Capsule. This incredible gadget delivers pure oxygen to promote healing, alleviate inflammation and rejuvenate the skin; it’s also been proven to help regulate the metabolism, as well as assisting with anti-ageing. 

If cold water plunges and sauna sessions are more your speed, however, you can opt for the recovery journey, which has been specially developed to emulate athletes’ wellness routines. Unfolding in the spa’s new Recovery Suite, this one-of-a-kind experience encompasses both a sauna and an ice bath to accelerate the body’s natural recovery process. Designed to increase metabolism, improve endurance and boost the immune system – all while helping your resistance to fatigue – it’s the perfect option following an intense training session or hard-hitting gym class.

Cold water plunge pool in a marble treatment room

Of course, no visit to the spa is complete without a bit (or a lot) of relaxation, and this is where the sleep journey comes in. A Zerobody Dry Float bed is the star of the show here: 400 litres of warm water rise up to meet you as you settle in, creating an utterly restorative zero-gravity experience that feels exactly like floating in a pool but doesn’t actually require you to get wet. Pop on a pair of headphones for a guided meditation and watch as colour-changing LEDs bathe the room in a soft glow. 

Once you’ve awakened from this weightless slumber (or finished any of the other treatments), you can float back to earth on another cloudlike bed in the nearby relaxation area while you sip on some ginger tea prepared by the spa’s wonderful staff. It seems that serenity really isn’t far away – all it takes is a visit to this heavenly spot.

Zerobody Dry Float bed with blue LED lights in a marble treatment room

Bvlgari Spa Membership

If you’re not a guest at Bvlgari Hotel London, there are plenty of ways you can enjoy the spa: day membership includes a choice between the three spa journeys or a WORKSHOP class in The Studio, plus a two-course lunch in The Bvlgari Lounge. Alternatively, the new Premium Membership package enhances the benefits of an annual membership, encompassing three Hyperbaric Chamber sessions, two recovery suite experiences, two Zerobody dry float sessions and unlimited access to classes held at The Studio, plus all members’ events.