A Guide to CBD Health & Beauty Products

By Ellie Smith

2 months ago

Everything you need to know about cannabidiol

CBD has been one of the biggest wellness buzzwords for some time now. And interest shows no sign of slowing: it’s predicted that CBD sales will surpass £800 million in the UK this year. Hailed as a wonder ingredient, the non-psychoactive cannabis-derived oil is popping up everywhere from lattes to candles, but it’s also becoming increasingly popular in health and beauty products.

One of the most exciting CBD brands on the market is Kloris, a UK-based wellness brand specialising in CBD oils and skincare. It was founded by a group of friends, who discovered over dinner that they’d all been using cannabidiol for a range of health reasons. They spent months searching the world for the best quality CBD that had been cultivated in an ethical and eco-minded way, and would be both effective and safe to use in products.

And so Kloris was born, with the name inspired by Greek mythology: Chloris was the goddess of flowers, and was associated with spring and new growth – fitting the brand’s nature-focused ethos.

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What Are The Benefits Of CBD?

So what actually is CBD? Also known as cannabidiol, the substance is made from the stalk, stems, leaves and flowers of the hemp plant, which contain therapeutic cannabinoids. Crucially, it doesn’t contain THC – the psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana – meaning it’s completely legal in the UK.

CBD is linked to numerous physical and mental health benefits, including:

  • Calming and soothing properties, which can help with reducing skin breakouts and redness
  • May be effective in fighting acne, as it helps reduce the production of sebum in the skin
  • Lessening signs of ageing
  • Reducing chronic pain and inflammation
  • Reducing anxiety
  • Assisting with sleep problems

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