Witch Season Is Upon Us – Get Into The Spirit With Coven Nails

By Charlie Colville

7 months ago

It's officially the witching hour

Looking to get your spook on this Halloween? If dressing up in full costume isn’t your thing, you can pull those around you into a trance with the latest bewitching trend: coven nails. 

What Are Coven Nails?

‘Coven nails are a bewitching nail art trend inspired by the mysticism and magic often associated with witches and covens,’ says Seriah Leslie, a nail technician at Young LDN. ‘They typically feature dark, moody colours like deep purples, blacks, and dark reds, along with enchanting symbols like moons, stars, pentagrams and other mystical elements. The result is a nail design that’s both alluring and a little bit spooky, perfect for those who love to embrace their inner witch.’

The trend comes just in time for Halloween, when many of us are beginning to embrace our spooky side for the season. But Seriah also emphasises that interest spans well beyond October: ‘The coven nails trend has risen in popularity due to our growing fascination with all things mystical and magical. With shows like The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and A Discovery of Witches hitting our screens, the allure of the supernatural has spilled over into the world of beauty,’ she explains. ‘People are drawn to the idea of expressing their inner magic and spirituality through their nails, and coven nails provide the perfect canvas for that self-expression.’

How To Request Coven Nails At The Salon

Fancy getting your hands on a new set of coven nails yourself? Seriah tells us that we’ll need to head to the salon prepared with inspiration. ‘Bring along pictures or ideas of the specific elements you want in your nail design, such as moon phases, crystals, or mystical symbols,’ she says. ‘You can also discuss colour options with your nail technician, as the dark and mysterious colour palette is a key component of coven nails. Be open to creative input from your nail artist too – they might have some unique ideas to enhance your design.’

How To Try The Trend At Home

Or maybe you’d prefer trying out the look yourself at home? The flexibility of this trend makes it a fun DIY project to try, with plenty of opportunity to get creative. Give the trend a go with Seriah’s easy step-by-step guide, below:

  1. Start with a dark nail polish as your base – black or deep burgundy works well.
  2. Then, using a thin nail art brush or even a toothpick, you can add mystical symbols like moons and stars with silver or gold nail polish. (If you’re feeling extra creative, you can use nail stickers or decals for added flair.)
  3. Finish with a matte top coat to give your nails that enchanting, velvety finish.

‘Remember, coven nails are all about embracing your inner magic and expressing your mystical side,’ Seriah reminds us. ‘So, let your creativity flow, and have fun conjuring up your own unique coven nail designs.’

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Featured image: Getty Images