How To Nail TikTok's Glass Hair Trend
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How To Nail TikTok’s Glass Hair Trend

Ultra-glossy hair is in for 2024

Hair feeling (and looking) a little dull? If you’re after a revamp without the dramatic change of a new cut, then we might have just the solution for you: glass hair. This trend has been making the rounds on TikTok, and is now flourishing on the red carpets of 2024’s awards season. Here’s how to get the look at home, according to professional hair stylists.

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What Is Glass Hair?

‘Glass hair is a new trend that refers to glossy, polished, ultra shiny hair,’ says Valerie Benavides, a stylist at Hair By Sam McKnight. ‘It’s hair that reflects the light and looks incredibly lustrous, with mirror like shine.’

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Those hot on the pulse when it comes to all things beauty might have noticed glass hair popping up on TikTok – where the search term already has over 376 million views – with creators taking to the video sharing platform to showcase their super-silky locks. Valerie suggests that the recent fixation comes from the ever-evolving quiet luxury trend, and its preferences for understated sophistication. ‘Glass hair is the ultimate luxe hairstyle, it’s rich and luxurious and there’s been a real resurgence of quiet luxury within beauty,’ she says. ‘Glossy hair looks healthy, but still natural and effortless.’

And the most recent splash? The Golden Globes, Critics Choice Awards and all the other awards shows coming over the next few months. ‘We’re seeing a lot of glass hair as its awards season,’ confirms Valerie. ‘Just look at Margot Robbie, Greta Lee, Emma Stone, Elizabeth Debicki and Amanda Seyfried.’


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How To Recreate Glass Hair At Home

If you fancy trying the glass hair look for yourself, then you’re in luck: it’s fairly simple to recreate it at home. Valerie sets out a step-by-step guide below:

  1. Washing: ‘Keep hair light and make sure you rinse your hair thoroughly after cleansing and conditioning,’ Valerie advises. ‘Not rinsing your hair properly will leave it dull.’
  2. Drying: ‘When blow-drying, point the hairdryer downwards and use a concentrator nozzle,’ she says. ‘This will smooth the cuticle and keep hair glossy with a smooth finish.’
  3. Styling: Valerie recommends using a hair mist, which you can spray onto dry hair and then ‘blow-dry or straighten for a shiny finish’.
  4. Hair Oil: ‘Lastly, apply an ultra-light oil to dry hair to create that glassy shine,’ she finishes.
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Who Suits The Trend?

Valerie indicates that the trend works well on most hair types, especially those with straight, wavy or loose curly hair. ‘While straighter textures reflect the light better, glass hair can work for other hair styles and textures,’ Valerie adds. ‘For those glorious Hollywood-style waves, I’d recommend keeping them together and undulating rather than textured and undone if you really want to nail that glossy finish.’

Glass Hair Inspiration


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