Get To Know The Kitty Cut, The Next Big Hair Trend For 2024

By Charlie Colville

5 months ago

A subtle take on the shag is the next big cut

Let’s be honest: were you a little too nervous to try out the viral wolf cut? If the idea of a full shag sounds a little daunting, then you might like its calmer, cuter cousin the kitty cut. Here’s everything you need to know about this upcoming hair trend for 2024.

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What Is The Kitty Cut?

An evolution of ultra-shaggy styles like the wolf cut, the kitty cut is a new layered haircut that focuses on subtle, sophisticated layers to give the movement of a shag without the severe silhouette. It’s a less shaggy cut, but with plenty of structure and layers to create a ‘cascade’ effect. ‘The kitty cut is a sophisticated haircut,’ says Domenico Casella, a senior stylist Neville Hair & Beauty. ‘It’s also very versatile and easy to style.’

As for the length, it favours 2023 and 2024’s shift towards shorter hairstyles, falling between the shoulders and collarbone – but the kitty cut can be taken up or down based on your preference, and will eventually grow out nicely into longer layers. ‘The layers are long, usually one centimetre shorter than the base length and slightly pronounced on the back, to create a nice movement,’ says Domenico. ‘It’s a longer and more textured version of the bob cut, following the trend for shorter hair while still letting you tie your hair up.’


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How Does It Differ From A Wolf Cut?

Those familiar with the wolf cut will know that it’s famous for being super shaggy, being the combination of a mullet and shag. ‘The kitty cut differs from the wolf cut in that it is less shaggy, relying on more subtle layers to give texture and movement,’ explains Domenico.

Where the wolf cut is also more popular amongst those with longer hair, he tells us, the kitty cut is typically shorter. ‘The length falls between the shoulders and the collarbone,’ he tells us. ‘It’s a strategically perfect length for who wants a visible change, without exposing the face too much or making too drastic a transformation.’

Who Does It Suit?

The beauty of the kitty cut is its versatility, meaning it can be adapted to all manner of face shapes and hair textures. ‘This haircut can be adapted to straight, curly and wavy hair,’ confirms Domenico. ‘In terms of styling, it can be blow-dried into soft waves, teased to create volume or even naturally air dried into textured layers. There’s also a lot of layering around the face, which can be adjusted so that it falls complementary to multiple face shapes.’

How To Get A Kitty Cut At The Hair Salon

‘The kitty cut is a trending haircut on Instagram and TikTok, meaning it’s fairly recognisable and easy to describe to stylists now,’ says Domenico. As for any other new haircut, he recommends bringing some pictures and notes to your hair appointment so you can discuss the new look with your hair stylist.

As with the wolf cut, we recommend getting this haircut done professionally, as it involves the creation of lots of layers. Book a consultation with your favourite hairdresser and show them a Pinterest board or a hair style you really like so you can find the right look for you.

Kitty Cut Inspiration


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Featured image: Ayo Ogunseinde, Unsplash