Is 2024 The Year Of The ‘Mom Haircut’?

By Charlie Colville

7 months ago

Lobs are back (and bigger than ever)

Veering between long tresses and super-short locks? If you’re fed up of Rapunzel-like tresses, but aren’t quite ready to make the leap to a full on bob, then you’ll be happy to know about the secret third thing: the lob, aka the ‘mom haircut’. Here’s everything you need to know about this TikTok-loved hairstyle. 

How To Rock A Lob, aka The ‘Mom Haircut’

What Is A Lob?

A combination of the words ‘long’ and ‘bob’, a lob is (you guessed it) a long bob. ‘A lob comes in varying lengths, ranging from just above your shoulders down to your collarbone,’ says Charlotte Clark, hair stylist and co-founder of Barnet Fair London.

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The style has become fairly popular in recent years, with TikTok users (fondly) labelling it the ‘mom haircut‘. Typically, a mom haircut is anything shoulder length or shorter, but Gen Z are fiercely rallying under the lob banner. But what exactly makes a lob mom-worthy? ‘Short haircuts, in general, are typical “mom haircuts”, primarily because many new moms opt for shorter cuts due to practicality,’ explains Charlotte. ‘Becoming a mother doesn’t leave much time for oneself so having a haircut that is easy to manage can be a great choice. The lob’s length makes it easy to tie up when needed and significantly quicker to style compared to longer hair.’

Although that’s not to say this is a style just for mothers. ‘Celebrities like Meredith Duxbury, Megan Fox, Hayley Bieber and Emma Stone have all embraced the allure of the lob, showcasing its universal appeal,’ confirms Charlotte.

What To Ask For At The Salon

Due to its popularity, you can simply ask your hairstylist for a lob prior to your next appointment – although it’s worth preparing a few things beforehand. ‘To ensure your stylist captures your vision flawlessly, bring inspirational pictures to your appointment,’ advises Charlotte. ‘This can help establish clear communication about your desired look.’


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Who Suits This Style?

‘This depends on your hair type, really,’ says Charlotte. ‘If your hair is extra thick or frizzy, shorter hair may require a bit more effort to style, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work or look good.’

How To Look After A Lob Between Cuts

Lobs are a fairly fuss-free haircut – but Charlotte tells us there are a few things you can do at home to prolong that salon-fresh feeling. ‘Maintaining a fresh and polished lob is a breeze with the right care routine, making it an easy haircut for moms to manage amid their busy lives,’ she confirms. ‘Opt for professional-grade shampoo, conditioner and styling products to enhance the longevity of your cut and book regular trims every eight to 12 weeks (these are key to preserving the integrity of your lob, keeping it looking vibrant and on-trend).’

Hair Inspiration: Lob/’Mom Haircut’


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Featured image: Ekaterina Ivanova, Unsplash