10 Golden Nails Ideas To Try Now

By Charlie Colville

2 months ago

Strike gold with this trendy shade

Planning your next nail session at the salon? One colour we can get behind this season is sunset gold, a rich (and oftentimes glittering) shade sure to turn heads and add a little oomph to any outfit. If you fancy trying your hand at golden nails, read on: we’ve got plenty of ideas to get you started.

What Are Golden Nails?

As the name suggests, golden nails are a nail design that incorporates the colour gold in some capacity – whether that be through a fully gold nail, a dusting of glitter, sleek lines or small final touches. The demand for golden nails has grown recently, following in the footsteps of the transeasonal metallic fashion trend; no longer relegated to party season, shiny-textured nails are here to stay.

Despite their transition into year-round staple, there’s a reason metallics continue to resurface every party season. While it might be dark (and cold) outside, the glittery sheen of gold perfectly catches the light at warmly-lit gathering – making it an ideal colour choice. It also ties in nicely with black tie events, where dress codes call for a little more glamour and flamboyancy.

But why go gold? Rich and luxurious, this is a colour that can add a touch of glamour and sophistication to any look with little effort, like a gold necklace or earrings. Historically, golden nails were also a status symbol indicating high standing and elegance in both ancient Egypt and China, where they were primarily reserved for royal use only. They might not be so hotly coveted today, but golden nails still look gorgeous when done properly.

Where To Buy Gold Nail Polish

Want to try the trend at home? These are the best gold nail polishes you can shop now:

Hand with golden nails

Golden Nails: Inspiration For Your Next Manicure

1. Gold Coquette Bows

The trend of the moment, bows, get a golden makeover with these nails. We really like the idea of teeny-tiny ribbons decorating a simple ballerina pink background.


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2. Gold French Tips

Another big trend in the world of nail salons this year, French tips have had a revival with fresh takes on the design – from almond shapes and pastel hues to golden detailing.


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 3. Gold Chrome

We don’t see chrome nails disappearing anytime soon – and the first colour that comes to mind with this trend is, indeed, gold.


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4. Starry Night

Golden stars? We like the sound of it, and love the look of it. Let your nails twinkle throughout the night.


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5. Liquid Gold

A great of incorporating the trend is through 3D nail art – and we don’t think we’ve seen anything quite as cool as this liquid metal trend in a while.

 6. Polka Dots

Avoiding all-over gold? You can’t go wrong with dainty polka dots, which will quietly catch the light and make your nails glitter.

7. Gold Frames

Another design that leans on the impact of gold detailing, these nails use the colour as a swirling border.


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8. Love Hearts

Cute for Valentine’s Day – and any other day, really. Little love hearts present the perfect blend of Barbie pink and gold. And we’ve gotta say, we love it.


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9. Gold Dust

You can dip a toe (or finger) into the trend with this design, which lightly coats the tops of the nail in a dusting of gold.

10. Minimal Lines

And finally, we have the final touches. Think clean, minimal lines that accentuate the length and shape of the nail elegantly. The perfect finish.


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Featured image: Manucurist