Health Heroes: The Names to Know
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Health Heroes: The Names to Know

Eight names to have on speed dial (or Zoom)

Meet the people who will get you shipshape in mind, body and soul. By Caroline Phillips

Health Heroes: Eight Names and Treatments to Know

Watsu Wonder

Steve Karle, Aquatic Therapy

Deep under Regent Street, you’ll find yourself immersed in the Hotel Café Royal’s specialist Watsu pool with small floats attached to your shins. Here, Steve Karle guides you in an hour- long underwater dance of stretching, shiatsu, joint mobilisation and craniosacral work. You’ll feel weightless, and will leave the pool deliciously spaced out, your aches eased. Then you’ll bliss out again with the other parts of this Four Elements treatment: a body massage, hot stones and scalp massage. Book in for when you’re out of self-isolation.

BOOK IT: £240.

Oral Awakening

Dr Tim Bradstock-Smith, Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental implants, bridges, reconstruction, gum reshaping, teeth bonding, anyone? Or you may want a smile makeover to align crowded teeth, decrease protrusion, reduce a gummy smile and replace missing teeth. Dr Bradstock-Smith is a global leader in cosmetic dentistry, with a Fitzrovia clinic that boasts the most advanced dental methods and the latest interactive computer imaging and laser techniques. The London Smile Clinic is closed for now, but is offering online consultations for patients.


Hormone Havoc

Dr Jan Toledano, Hormone Therapy

Low libido, tired, apathetic, anxious? If those pesky hormones are causing you problems, Dr Toledano is the queen of personalised hormone therapy. She’ll optimise your hormones – using conventional, evidence-based medicine – dispelling premenopausal, perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms. She boasts experience in endocrinology, dermatology and developmental psychology, plus a decade as a genitourinary specialist, and tackles everything from nutrition to the andropause (male menopause). See her via video now.

BOOK IT: From £325.


Eastern Promise

Dr Yu Han, Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dr Han is a whizz at acupuncture, traditional herbs, cupping and Chinese massage – done fully clothed, on your meridians. A protégé of the leading light in traditional Chinese medicine (Professor Cheng Xin-Nong, the man credited with teaching the West’s leading practitioners), Han trained for eight years in Beijing and has been practising since 1983. She may pop needles into your ‘du’ meridian to calm an over-active mind or prescribe peony stamen to nourish your liver. She treats everything from asthma to high blood pressure, and her wall is plastered with photos
of babies born to previously infertile patients. Aficionados even travel from France to her Kensal Rise clinic. Dr Han is currently offering telephone and online consultations.

BOOK IT: £POA. 020 8964 2421.

Spirit Level

Natalia O’Sullivan, Spiritual Therapy

If you don’t believe in spirits, a session with Natalia O’Sullivan will soon put paid to that. She’s a holistic therapist, psychic and spiritual counsellor of three decades’ standing who’ll read your Tibetan Buddhist cards – tuning into your ancestors for spot-on guidance on your relationship, work and health issues – and then do some hands-on healing. If you’re in need of a psychic spring clean, she’s your lady. With her leather skirt, forthright manner and psychology degree, she’s no eccentric Madame Arcati, more a tip-top life coach. Natalia can usually be found in London, LA or Somerset, but is currently offering her expertise online, by phone or video for clients over the coming weeks.


Skin Solutions

Joanna Evans, Skin Health

She’s a medical aesthetician and former nurse who’s just opened her own Holland Park clinic (think covetable décor and a curved Chesterfield sofa) offering the capital’s best one-stop shop for skin matters, blitzing large pores, uneven texture and acne. For sun damage, scarring or stretch marks, she’s deft at collagen stimulation therapy. If it’s wrinkles, she offers micro-needling, and unwanted moles go to spot heaven under her careful hands. Joanne is London’s biggest secret. The clinic is currently closed for treatment but Joanne is offering product deliveries and virtual skin and treatment consultations via video.

BOOK IT: From £100.


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Gut Guru

Gudrun Jonsson, Naturopathy

Naturopath Gudrun Jonsson is a bestselling author of books on the gut, and boasts years of experience in digestive health. She offers natural treatments, including negative ion therapy to boost your immune system, and is likely to suggest an alkaline-based eating plan – she has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the healing properties of plants – as well as lifestyle changes. She will also prescribe homeopathic remedies and food supplements for conditions like arthritis and IBS. You may spy a Tibetan monk or Siân Phillips leaving her clinic – they know a healthy gut equals a happy life. Gudrun is currently available for clients over the phone.

BOOK IT: From £150. 020 7603 1926.

Mind, Body and Sole

Milly St Aubyn, Reflexology

Milly believes your soul (not just your sole) is found in your feet – points on which, in reflexology, connect to all your organs. She’s a super-qualified, go-to practitioner for adults – alleviating everything from aches to angst. See her in her Shepherd’s Bush consulting room or she’ll bring her reflexology chair and recordings of sacred chants to your home. Afterwards, you’ll feel more comatose than Peter Rabbit nibbling on chamomile. Milly has stopped practicing until government guidelines have been lifted, but is happy to give free life advice to clients over phone or video.

BOOK IT: From £90.

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