How to Avoid Coronavirus Anxiety

By Rebecca Cox

4 years ago

This free online course could help deal with the current situation

The current coronavirus epidemic means that many of us are worrying about things we never even thought to worry about a few weeks ago, and these worries can manifest as anxiety. And of course, where you might usually head to the doctor to talk about the impact this is having, many surgeries have suspended appointments or are seriously overstretched right now. As well as increasing your current self-care rituals, whether that’s at-home yoga practice, a daily meditation or a relaxing bath before bed, one London hypnotherapist is offering a free course to help, too.

How to Avoid Coronavirus Anxiety

Malminder Gill is an award-winning Hypnotherapist, Author, and Speaker with a practice on Harley Street, and she has come up with a free 30-minute programme that people can sign up to online to help manage anxiety caused by the current coronavirus situation.

So, switch off the news for 30 minutes and give this a try. Click here to access Malminder Gill’s free Manage Coronavirus Anxiety programme.

Other ways to lower your coronavirus anxiety:

  • Limit your news consumption to strict times and stick to sources that give simple, fact-based information wherever possible.
  • Set extra time aside for self-care practices such as meditation, exercise, beauty and grooming treatments.
  • Allow yourself time for escapism too – listen to a podcast you love or watch a Netflix series and switch off from the world for a bit.
  • Find out what is happening in your local area to help those in at-risk groups and if you feel able, offer your help. Taking action often helps to ease feelings of being out of control.
  • Eat well and stay active so that you are as healthy as possible, both to tackle viruses and allow your body the resources to help manage increased stress and anxiety, too.

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Main image: Benoit Beaumatin on Unsplash