The Hydro Bob Is Officially Our Favourite Short Hairstyle For 2024

By Charlie Colville

2 months ago

We're a fan of this wet look

The hype surrounding the humble bob has yet to fade away – if anything, the haircut is only growing in popularity. The next step for this short hair trend? Styling it for every occasion, and the latest take comes in the form of the hydro bob.

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What Is A Hydro Bob?

‘A hydro bob is a short hairstyle characterized by its sleek and glossy appearance, achieved through the use of hydrating and smoothing hair treatments,’ explains Daniel Argenio, founder of 65 Walton. ‘Compared to other bob styles it has much more emphasis on hydration and shine, creating a luminous and healthy-looking finish that sets it apart.’

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The ‘wet look’ has become something of a red carpet staple in recent years, but it’s started to make the shift into mainstream hairstyling – especially with the bob now being a hero cut at salons. ‘Short hair is always a chic choice, and the hydro bob is great option for when you want to make a statement,’ says Sarah McKenna, founder of London Hair Lab. ‘It’s easy to achieve at home and you can recreate the look with hydrating hair products.’

And the internet’s style set are also taking notice; on TikTok, for example, you’ll find that views for the search terms #hydrobobhairstyle and #dampbob have already surpassed 50 million and 470 million views respectively. It’s especially proving to be an popular going-out look. ‘From J.Lo and Hailey Bieber to America Ferrera, I have seen a lot of celebrities embracing the hydro bob for a statement evening look,’ says Sarah. ‘Tucked behind the ears and with a middle parting this look is a great way to show off any statement earrings.’

Who Suits This Hairstyle?

While a bob can be tailored to any face shape and hair type, our professional emphasise that it’s important you seek out a consultation with your stylist to find the right version for you. ‘I’d say heart and oval face shapes will look great with this style, but if you’re keen to have this look work with your stylist to find the look that suits you,’ says Samuel Ashcroft, Advocate Hair Stylist at Josh Wood.

‘The hydro bob is suitable for various hair types, particularly those prone to dryness or frizz,’ adds Daniel. ‘It accentuates features with a glossy finish, making it quite adaptable.’

How To Ask For A Hydro Bob In The Salon (& What To Expect)

The easiest way to request a hydro bob? ‘Ask for a slick back wet look, with high shine style,’ advises Samuel, who also recommends you do your research on Instagram and Pinterest beforehand. ‘Bring reference images of anyone you’ve seen have this hair style so your stylist understands the look you want to achieve, and can tailor it to your hair.’

As for other means of preparation, Daniel recommends giving your hair a hydration boost before even setting foot in the salon: ‘It’s beneficial to prepare by using hydrating hair masks or treatments beforehand to enhance results.’

‘Ask your stylist what hydrating treatments the salon have available that will give your hair a moisture boost,’ adds Sarah. ‘They hydro bob is all in the products used, so you’ll want to opt for leave in treatments that lock in moisture and achieve a semi wet look.’

As for what to expect when you’re in the chair, Daniel explains how: ‘The stylist begins by cleansing the hair and applying hydrating and smoothing treatments to enhance shine and manageability. The bob is then cut and styled to perfection.’

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How To Style A Hydro Bob

Lucky for us, the hydro bob isn’t too difficult to achieve at home; styling is simply a matter of slicking the hair back in a shape that works for you. When styling at home, use a wet look gel and work from the back of the neck using lots of product with a comb and really drench the product onto the hair,’ advises Samuel. ‘I’d also recommend wrapping it with a hair net to keep it compact while it’s setting.’

If you want a more relaxed version, however, Daniel has a few tips you can try: ‘You can recreate the hydro bob’s glossy appearance at home by using hydrating and shine-enhancing hair products, such as serums or oils. Consider using a flat iron to further enhance smoothness and shine.’

Maintenance Tips

With minimal styling also comes minimal maintenance. ‘This trend is all about the styling so doesn’t have too much maintenance,’ agrees Sarah. ‘Investing in the right products and keeping your hair healthy is key.’

‘Regular use of hydrating hair masks or treatments helps maintain the hydro bob’s glossy finish and prevents dryness or frizz,’ adds Daniel. ‘Avoid over-washing and use heat protectant products when styling to minimise damage.’

The Future Of The Hydro Bob

So, we have some idea of what the hydro bob is going to look like for the near future – but what about the seasons ahead? ‘I can see this hydro bob evolving into more of a wet look, high shine style in varying lengths and hair ups,’ muses Samuel. ‘Think mermaid hair, but with high shine wet look waves and gorgeous boho hydro updos for spring/summer.’

Our professionals also predict a rise in gloss-enhancing products when it comes to hair. ‘The hydro bob trend is likely to evolve with advancements in haircare technology, offering even more innovative treatments and products to achieve and maintain its signature glossy look,’ suggests Daniel.

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