The Micro Bob Is The Super Short Hairstyle Taking Over Salons

By Charlie Colville

2 months ago

Let's cut this short

Bobs are still having a moment – and the shorter, the better. If you’re willing to take the leap and try more a statement cut, then a micro bob might be the next hairstyle for you. Here’s how to request one in the salon (and style it at home).

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What Is A Micro Bob?

‘A micro bob is an ultra-short bob hairstyle characterized by its chin-length or slightly shorter length, creating a sleek and simple look,’ explains Daniel Argenio, Founder of 65 Walton. ‘It’s one of the shorter bob hairstyles, but unlike a bixie cut, which often features more texture and layers, the micro bob emphasizes precision with sharp, clean lines and minimal layering.’

So, to clarify: it’s not as short as a bixie or pixie, but as far as bobs go it’s a short one. But why this rendition of the ever-popular bob? ‘Bobs are a classic style and have a wide appeal,’ says Sarah McKenna, founder of the London Hair Lab. ‘The micro bob, however, puts a modern twist on the timeless look and has enough versatility that it can be tailored to a wide range of people.’

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It’s definitely a style that’s turned some heads on TikTok, where views for #microbobcut have amassed over 120 million views in recent months – although our experts note that the biggest uptick came just after lockdown, when many of us were craving a change (and a fresh cut). ‘The popularity of the micro bob has surged,’ agrees Mike Mahoney, Advocate Hair Stylist at Josh Wood. ‘Many people craved change post-lockdown, and have slowly enjoyed becoming more adventurous with their style choices.’ Hence the revival of super short haircut.

A number of famous faces have also embraced the trend, both recently and historically, notes Sarah. ‘From Carey Mulligan’s striking platinum bob on the red carpet to Nara Smith’s sleek style on TikTok, micro bobs are a trendy and versatile choice.’

Who Suits This Haircut?

‘Thanks to its jawline length the micro bob helps to accentuate your bone structure – making it suitable for pretty much any face shape,’ says Sarah. ‘ This versatile style can also be tailored to various hair textures; for straight hair, a blunt cut offers sleek sophistication, while for more textured hair, you can add  layers for greater dimension.’

How To Ask For A Micro Bob In The Salon? (& What To Expect)

Communication is key when it comes to getting a micro bob in the salon. ‘When requesting a micro bob at the salon, it’s essential to communicate the desired length and ensure the stylist understands the precise, blunt cut desired,’ says Daniel, who also recommends you bring plenty of reference photos to your consultation. Once you’ve settled on your style of micro bob, it’s just a matter of cutting and shaping your hair. ‘The stylist typically begins by cutting the hair to the desired length, ensuring uniformity and precision. Minimal layering may be incorporated to maintain the sleekness of the style, but this can be adjusted based on your preferences.’

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How To Style A Micro Bob

How you style your micro bob depends on whether you want to adopt a sleek or more textural look. ‘For styling at home, use a straightening iron for a polished finish or apply a texturizing product for a slightly tousled look,’ advises Daniel. ‘Consider blow-drying with a round brush for added volume.’

How To Maintain A Micro Bob

‘Regular trims are essential to keep the micro bob looking sharp and prevent split ends,’ says Daniel; it’s recommended you book in for a trim every six to eight weeks, but for shorter styles this could be even more regular.

The Future Of The Micro Bob

The micro bob is a classic for a reason – but can it be taken a step further? Our experts think the answer to that questions lies in the texture of this cut. ‘Texture can play a big part in changing the vibe of a hairstyle and I think we will see a lot of people embracing the natural texture of their hair,’ says Sarah. ‘Adding more waves and braids can also be fun way to add a unique twist.’

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