Jellyfish Hair Is Predicted To Be One Of 2024’s Biggest Trends

By Charlie Colville

4 months ago

Look what the tide dragged in

ICYMI: animal-inspired haircuts are all the rage this year. Resonating pretty strongly with all the thalassophiles out there, we dive deep into the ocean to uncover the mysteries surrounding the internet’s next big beauty trend: jellyfish hair.

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What Is Jellyfish Hair?

‘Drawing inspiration from the timeless Japanese hime cut, the jellyfish haircut seamlessly blends two iconic styles – a chic blunt bob and a playful mullet,’ explains Jas Kadio, a senior stylist at whip Hackney. ‘The upper hair is trimmed short and blunt like a bob, while the lower layer remains long and textured, creating a jellyfish-like effect.’

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The playfully sculpted hairdo has been a quiet hit on TikTok, with searches for ‘jellyfish haircut’ amassing over 3.7 billion views on the platform. ‘Like various modern hair trends, the jellyfish haircut gained popularity on TikTok,’ agrees Jas. ‘Just like the mixie and shullet trends that came before it, this style offers a blend of short and long elements simultaneously. The jellyfish cut provides the flexibility to experiment with texture, shape, length and colour, allowing you to personalize the look to suit your preferences.’

Similarly, the latest iteration of Pinterest Predicts forecasted that the jellyfish aesthetic as a whole would blow up in 2024, having recorded 615 percent increase in searches for ‘jellyfish haircut’ over the last year. ‘Are you ready for this jelly? From home décor to couture to beauty ideas, a whole mood will bubble up in 2024 inspired by your favourite invertebrate: jellyfish,’ said Pinterest in its report. ‘Gen Z and Millennials are driving this squishy aesthetic.’

How Does It Differ From A Mullet Or Shag?

‘Jellyfish hair does share similarities with a mullet and a shag, as it features a pronounced contrast between the shorter top and substantially longer bottom sections,’ say Jas. ‘But in this case there’s an even more dramatic and disconnected flair.’

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How To Ask For Jellyfish Hair At The Salon (& What To Expect)

A top tip from stylists is to do your research and bring plenty of reference pictures to your appointment. ‘Selecting examples that match your hair type or texture is advised to better visualize the outcome on your locks,’ adds Jas. ‘Once you and your stylist are on the same page, the haircut process begins with the top layer, cut shorter and evenly around the head, resembling a bowl cut to imitate the sea creature’s body. The bottom layer is left long, creating a resemblance to jellyfish tentacles.’

Who Suits This Haircut?

Lucky for us, the jellyfish haircut is adaptable enough that pretty much everyone can give it a go. ‘The haircut can complement an array of different hair types and textures,’ agrees Jas. ‘Your stylist can customise the style to suit your specific hair type, density and face shape. For instance, how dramatic the distinction is between bottom and top layer layers depends on your hair texture. Whether long or short, creating movement is crucial to achieving seamless “tentacles”.’

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Tips For Styling Jellyfish Hair At Home

‘Surprisingly, the jellyfish haircut is a relatively low-maintenance style,’ muses Jas. So, how can we style jellyfish hair at home? ‘For added body, consider using styling products to accentuate the layers and utilising heat tools to enhance volume and shape; using a blow dryer for movement and body on top, followed by a flat iron through the ends for definition,’ recommends Jas. ‘For an extra flair, some creators elevate the look by incorporating braids and contrasting colours to emphasize the dramatic layers of this hybrid cut.’

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