14 Independent & Minority-Owned Beauty Brands To Have On Your Radar
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14 Independent & Minority-Owned Beauty Brands To Have On Your Radar

The names to know (& love) now

These are some of the best independent and minority-owned brands to have on your radar, which are working hard to make sure creativity, accessibility and inclusivity all remain strong foundations within the beauty industry.

For decades, black culture has shaped and influenced the beauty industry significantly.  From the chebe powder used to stimulate hair growth by women of the Basara tribe in Chad to the legendary Madam CJ Walker, the first self-made female millionaire in America, who made her fortune from cosmetics. 

Limited resources and funding have caused many black-owned, minority and independent brands to slip under the radar and be overlooked. While some are acknowledged during international events like Black History Month, it’s simply not enough to sustain these businesses. They deserve a platform that will showcase their talents throughout the year. 

The beauty industry is instrumental in helping this become a reality. Beauty is undoubtedly a powerful tool which has no bounds. Through the use of makeup, we are all free to shape, refine and explore our identities.  It’s what makes the industry so appealing and evergreen; no matter the season, beauty provides us with an option for self-discovery in a creative and enjoyable way. 

The Best Independent & Minority-Owned Beauty Brands

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Doctor A Cosmetics

Doctor A Cosmetics

When Dr Anika launched Doctor A Cosmetics in 2021, she did so with the mission to create a plant-powered skincare line with high-quality ingredients, ethically sourced materials and eco-friendly packaging. This is a brand with an inclusive line which celebrates diversity and pushes for equal representation. With each formula free of parabens, sulphates, silicones, palm oil, microbeads and alcohol, Doctor A Cosmetics is sure to do wonders for your skin – without harming the planet.

Discover: doctoracosmetics.com


CTZN Cosmetics

CTZN Cosmetics is an award-winning, vegan-friendly makeup brand known for its comprehensive shade range of nude lipsticks developed by three Pakistani beauty enthusiasts, the Khan sisters – Aleena, Aleezeh and Naseeha. Their mission is to enhance cultural awareness and help everyone feel authentically represented within the beauty landscape.

Discover: ctzncosmetics.com


Close up of woman's face with a bottle of nail polish

ASHE London

ASHE London is a Black-owned and female-led luxury nail cosmetics brand that utilises innovative technology to produce a sustainably made, vegan formula. Founded by Ashleigh Alli in 2021, the brand name ASHE descends from the Yoruba word ‘àṣẹ’, a West African concept roughly translating as ‘the power to make things happen and to create change’, which is something this brand is successfully doing. 

All polish colours are made in a small batch process using Go Green Technology,  a process which partially replaces conventional petrochemical solvents, plasticizers and nitrocellulose with natural, clean and renewable ingredients. Many of the shades owe their namesakes to global Black and women changemakers, and as Ashleighs’ mission is to empower and influence social change she donates  10% of the brand’s profits to the charities Bloody Good Period and Cianna’s Smile. 

Discover: ashelondon.com

Independent & Minority-Owned Beauty Brands

Ere Perez

Ere Perez is a sustainable beauty brand which incorporates the mystical influence of founder Ere’s Latin heritage. Inspired by her childhood, Ere takes inspiration from the home remedies and beauty recipes both her mother and grandfather used to make – incorporating these factors, alongside her certification in naturopathy, into the design and creation of each product. With products ranging from skincare to cosmetics, Ere Perez is the perfect pick for those who are keen to explore natural beauty and healing.

Discover: ereperez.com

Independent & Minority-Owned Beauty Brands

Pat McGrath Labs

Pat McGrath is one of the most well-renowned names in beauty, being one of the many influential Black makeup artists who assisted in the transformation of the industry itself by inspiring change and inclusivity. Her products are known for creating a buzz among fans for their gorgeous range of utopic shades and shimmer-based pigments – which are ideal for both experimental beauty enthusiasts and beginners alike.

Discover: patmcgrath.com

Independent & Minority-Owned Beauty Brands

Okiki Skincare

Founded in 2016 by Ade and Antonia Ogunsola, a mother and daughter duo who together embarked on a mission to create natural, handmade products that are cruelty-free,  vegan and suitable for all skin types. The Okiki Skincare range includes various products, from candles to lotions, all of which are developed with high-quality ingredients at a reasonable price point. 

With every purchase of the Okiki large candles, the brand vows to donate £1 to initiatives that help re-plant trees in Ghana, giving back to the very same soil from which many of their ingredients are sourced. 

Discover: okikiskincare.co.uk 

Glisten Cosmetics pallets

Glisten Cosmetics 

Building on the creative possibilities of makeup is Glisten, an independent, female-founded indie brand which is partly responsible for resurfacing the graphic liner trend with its infamous wet liners. With phenomenal formulas and a range of rich pigments, Glisten promises to elevate your everyday makeup look with just one swipe of your brush.  The brand’s range covers everything from eyes to lips, ensuring that all have the option to upgrade their routines with its avant-garde and eccentric style.

Discover: glistencosmetics.com

IRÄYE Product


Science and beauty come together with  Iraye, the first-ever skincare range to support the skin’s lymphatic system. Through years of research, Iraye has successfully achieved a first-of-its-kind regenerative skincare which supports the underlying health and function of the skin, helping many achieve radiant results from the inside out. The brand boasts 100 percent plant-based formulas and is committed to equipping users with the essential tools needed to help their natural beauty to shine through. 

Discover: irayeskincare.com

digging into container of cream


RAIN takes a 360-degree approach to wellness, offering forward-thinking solutions to enable better living on a deeper level than superficial self-care. RAIN was developed from the concept that wellness is something that can be worked on anywhere and at anytime, while keeping in mind the demands of modern life. Calling for a new wellness paradigm, RAIN turned to natural, effective and multi-beneficial ingredients, such as CBD, that can help the mind and body cleanse the old and tend to the new. From relieving anxiety to easing muscle tension, RAIN’s ingredients, while unique, are also chosen for their effectiveness to support the entire wellness ecosystem.

Discover: raincbd.co.uk

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One of the industry’s leading makeup artists, Isamaya Ffrench, is known for her vivid collaborations with fashion publications, Fashion Week shows and huge names like Rihanna, Madonna, and Bella Hadid – and she is once again reinventing the beauty space with the launch of her eponymous brand, Isamaya.

Isamaya stretches all limitations of the beauty world, offering a series of technical and innovative performance products to create an inclusive and creatively free environment. The brand itself follows an edgy and alternative style which is not only visually appealing but also extremely representative of Isamayas’ signature style.

Discover: isamaya.co.uk

Bottle of oil- Independent & Minority-Owned Beauty Brands

Watermans Hair  

In an effort to resolve her own battle with hair loss, Gail Waterman developed Watermans with her husband Matt. The brand now sells one bottle every 30 seconds. Watermans is now known as the number one hair growth brand, assisting in the overall improvement of successfully winning a Queen’s Award for international trade. Watermans is also dedicated to giving back and has donated several of its popular hair growth shampoos to chemo units all around the UK. More recently, the brand has been actively supporting Ukraine by donating several pallets of sanitiser to its hospitals.

Discover: watermanshair.com

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Hello Klean

Established by Karlee Ozener, Hello Klean is a cruelty-free, vegan and sustainable brand that tackles the common issues we face on a daily basis with our hair and skin. With a mission to reduce unwanted minerals, remove follicle-clogging buildup and restore hair and skin balance, Hello Klean is a go-to brand for those looking for an all-round boost and pick-me-up.

Discover: helloklean.com

Bottle of bath oil


The story of Olverum is as unique as the oil itself, dating back to a twelfth-century physic garden. Olverum first began as a family secret kept under wraps for decades, with several generations contributing their passion and specialist knowledge while assisting in the overall development of the brand itself. Olverum creates some of the best treatments for both body and soul, helping users to unwind and ease into paradise from the comfort of your own bathtub.

Discover: olverum.com

two women putting on face mask- Independent & Minority-Owned Beauty Brands

PERL Cosmetics

The waterless formulas and pink creations of PERL Cosmetics are shaking up the beauty industry. The brand was founded by Isobel Peal in 2020, who after losing her job during the pandemic decided to combine her passion for science and skin to create her own skincare line.

PERL offers customisable skincare products which are all handmade in small batches. The brand also uses glass packaging and includes refillable options on a range of its products in an effort to minimize waste. PERL  is particularly well-known for its British Pink Clay Mask & Illuminating Mask Oil, a deeply detoxifying face mask that draws out impurities while brightening and illuminating dull tired skin.

Discover: perlcosmetics.com

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