What Is Latte Makeup? The Latest TikTok Trend
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What Is Latte Makeup? The Latest TikTok Trend

This creamy coffee palette is perfect for summer

Have you heard of latte makeup? The trend is setting the internet abuzz this week, with its summery warm tones and golden-hour worthy results. ‘Think of it like an update to the 90s girl trend,’ explains Elanna Pecherle, makeup artist and founder of Pearl Beauty. ‘It’s born out of nostalgic nods to the 1990s supermodel look, with brown lipliner and a soft palette of browns and caramels.’ We ask Elanna to talk us through the trend, its rising popularity and how we can recreate latte makeup at home.

What Is Latte Makeup?

‘Latte makeup is everything you imagine when you think of a latte: warm, bronze, creamy and smooth,’ says Elanna. ‘Latte makeup oozes glamour and luxury but is effortless and gives the skin a warm tone with vibrancy.’

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You’ll likely have already seen latte makeup on TikTok (the video hub of trends). Currently a trending search on the platform – ‘latte makeup tutorials’ has 2.2 billion views at the time of writing – it’s become one of the go-to beauty looks of summer. ‘Think of it like an update to the 90s girl trend,’ explains Elanna. ‘It’s born out of nostalgic nods to the 1990s supermodel look, with brown lipliner and a soft palette of browns and caramels. This is one of the most inclusive trends we’ve seen from TikTok in a long time. Brown is wearable for everyone as it comes in various undertones, so you can find products and shades that work beautifully for your skin tone. Another positive is that the look overall requires little to no technical skill. That makes it so appealing to the masses.’

Who’s Wearing The Trend?

Many A-listers have already tried out the latte makeup trend, says Elanna. ‘This is the celebrity look du jour. My recent favourite has been Hailey Bieber with a slightly pared back latte look. Dua Lipa, Zendaya, Gigi Hadid, Em Rata, Rita Ora and Kendall Jenner have also sported coffee looks on red carpets of late. Each has paired it beautifully with their skin tone, finding a take on the look that accentuates their features.’

@iamsabsali the “latte makeup” look has been my go to since i’ve started wearing makeup. here’s my version 🤎 #lattemakeup #brownskingirl #somalitiktok #fyp ♬ yes to heaven – Del Rey

Does Latte Makeup Work For Multiple Skin Tones?

As Elanna explained, this is a trend that works whether you have dark or fair skin. ‘This trend works perfectly across all skin tones, as brown is a versatile shade that’s available in various forms,’ she explains.

Despite the smokey colour palette, latte makeup work for all skin tones as it can be adapted to the wearer. Those with fairer skin, for example, can try out the decaf latte trend. ‘If you have lighter toned skin, my top tip is to tone down the shades you use,’ says Elanna. ‘Think of it like the decaf version of the trend. Decaf latte makeup adopts all the tones and shades that we love of the latte makeup trend, but lightens it up a little for everyday wear that has minimal makeup but maximum impact. Compared to the smokey eyes and sculpted cheekbones of latte makeup, you’re working with your facial structure for a more decaf and diffused bronzy look. Hailey Bieber’s recent TikTok makeup tutorial is the perfect showcase of a decaf latte look.’

How Can We Recreate The Look?

Elanna talks us through her tutorial for latte makeup below, but if you’re more of a visual learner you watch her video here:


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Skin Prep

As always, start by prepping your skin. ‘Skin prep is vital for any makeup look, but for latte makeup you want your skin to look dewy and glowing,’ explains Elanna. ‘Stick to hydrating serums and moisturisers and illuminating primers.’

Create A Luminous Base

‘For your base, underpainting your cream bronzer first (like Hailey Bieber does) is a great way of bronzing the face with some light chiselling, but without any harsh lines,’ continues Elanna. ‘Use a dense angle brush for your cream bronzer application, focusing on the cheekbones, and work your way into your hairline and across your forehead as close to your hairline as you can for a more natural sun-kissed bronze. Using a dense brush for this application will reduce brush marks and also help a little product go a long way.’

Concealer & Foundation

With your skin primed and base in place, you can apply your concealer or foundation in places where you’d like the coverage. ‘Go for as lightweight or full coverage as you’re comfortable with, but blend with a fluffy brush to avoid harsh lines and to blend seamlessly with your bronzer.’


‘After this you can apply your cream blush,’ says Elanna. ‘The reason we’re not underpainting this step is because we’re not quite ready to decaf our blushed cheeks.

‘For subtlety and buildable blush, use a cream stick that you can apply directly onto the face or use a dense brush to tap on. You can start with a little and build up to a gorgeous pigment, stick to a blush colour that has warm undertones to really tie in with the decaf latte eye look.’


And now for the step you’ve all been waiting for: that coffee-coloured smokey eye. ‘Eyes don’t have to be precise,’ says Elanna. ‘You can apply your cream or powder bronzer to your lids, like Hailey; she uses a big fluffy brush which is a great way of covering the entire eyelid but also working the colour up to your brow bone for an all-encompassing bronzy eye.

‘Follow this with a smaller brush dipped into a brown eyeshadow one shade darker than your bronzer, and run this along your crease and your waterline for a more defined eye look. This will really make your eyes pop and show off your natural eye shape.

‘You can then follow this up with some gorgeous shimmer to the area of your eye where the light naturally hits. This is usually the centre moving towards the inner corner, depending on your eye shape. You can apply this with a brush or stamp it on with your finger, I prefer the latter method as you can get better pigment payoff. You can also play with a lighter shimmer and pop that directly in the inner corners of your eyes to really make them pop.’


The final step is the lips: ‘Hailey does one of my favourite nude lip hacks, which is using her bronzer as her lip shade. Starting with your fave nude lip liner to line your lips, you then tap your finger into your chosen cream or powder bronzer and swipe or press onto lips. It helps create a gorgeous monotone colour look where everything just ties in perfectly, as you’re using similar shades across the whole makeup look. Apply a clear gloss or lip balm on top and you’re good to glow.’

Latte Makeup Product Picks

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