How Blueberry Milk Nails Became Summer's Biggest Nail Trend
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How Blueberry Milk Nails Became Summer’s Biggest Nail Trend

The next stage of the milky nail trend has us feeling blue

Blueberry milk nails are forecasted to be the biggest nail trend of summer – here’s everything you need to know about them, and how to recreate the look at home.

What Are Blueberry Milk Nails?

‘Blueberry milk nails refer to a trendy nail style inspired by the colour of blueberries mixed with milk,’ says Holly Wolff, manicurist at Neville Hair & Beauty. The manicure is a new version of the milky nail trend, with an emphasis on soft blue pastel hues. The final look still has a creamy feel to it, but with a lovely blue tone to add a pop of fun.

The trend seems to be everywhere at the moment, with the likes of Zendaya, Dua Lipa, Sabrina Carpenter and Sofia Richie all spotted with blue nails. ‘Blueberry milk nails have gained popularity recently due to their unique and eye-catching appearance,’ adds Holly. ‘The combination of soothing pastel tones with vibrant blueberry hues creates a delicate and feminine look that appeals to many individuals seeking a fresh and playful colour. The versatility of the style also allows for customisation and personalisation, making it even more appealing to nail enthusiasts. A few ways to achieve these nails are pale blue colours, blue with a chrome finish or blue mixed with a clear polish.’

#BlueberryMilkNails has over 10 million views on TikTok alone, supporting a hub of creators recreating the trend and pointing out which celebrities are jumping on board.

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How Do We Ask For Blueberry Milk Nails At The Salon?

Fancy bringing blueberry milk nails to your next mani-pedi session? Here’s how to do it: ‘To ask for blueberry milk nails at the salon, it’s always a great idea to bring image references to ensure clear communication with your nail technician,’ Holly recommends. ‘You can search for pictures online or on social media platforms like Instagram or Pinterest using keywords like “blueberry milk nails” or “blueberry nail art.” Sharing these visuals with your nail tech will give them a clear understanding of the style you desire, including the colour palette and design elements.’

How Can We Recreate The Look At Home?

‘If you’d like to recreate the blueberry milk nail look at home, there are a few products you can consider,’ says Holly. ‘Here are some recommendations:

  1. Base coat: Essential to protect your natural nails and provide a smooth surface for the polish application.
  2. Nail polish: Opt for a soft, pale blue varnish. Bikini So Teeny by Essie is a perfect option otherwise layering a soft white under a blue will work. You can also mix together a clear colour with a blue to water the colour down.
  3. Chrome powder: Add a chrome powder on top to give a more shimmery appearance.
  4. Top coat: Finish your blueberry milk nails with a high-quality top coat to seal and protect the longevity of your polish.’

Polishes To Try At Home

Photo 1 of
Blue nail varnish bottle with white lid


Nail Polish 219 Bikini So Teeny, £8.99

Blue nail varnish bottle with black lid


La Vernis 125 Muse, £29

Blue nail varnish bottle on blue background


It’s A Boy! Nail Lacquer, £14.90

Blue varnish bottle with pink lid


716 Lucy Baby Blue Polish, £26

Blue nail varnish

Manucurist Paris

Light Blue, £14

How Can We Switch It Up?

The simplest version of the trend is a set of monochromatic blue nails. While stunning on its own, those of you who want a slightly quirkier design can level up their manicure with added details such as blue French tips, swirls, flowers, stripes and more. See some ideas below for inspiration:

10 Ideas: Blueberry Milk Nails Inspiration











Featured image: Anna Kumpan, Unsplash