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Online Exercise Classes to Try in 2023

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Keen to step up your fitness game in 2023, but struggling for time? Run to the beat of your own drum with on demand online exercise classes that you can watch and workout to anytime, anywhere. We’ve outlined some of the best exercise classes for a range of workout types below, from HIIT and Pilates to dance and yoga.

Why go online?

Since we’ve come out of lockdown and settled in to hybrid working, the demand for remote workouts has only grown. While some of us are heading back to the gym full-time, others have tried WFH (Workouts From Home) and are never going back. Many studios across the UK also opened their virtual doors for the first time during the pandemic, and few are in a hurry to close them – making on demand content more accessible than ever.

Online exercise classes are easy to pick up wherever and whenever you fancy, due to many of them being on demand via apps and websites. All you have to do is virtually show up. There’s no rushing from work to make it a class on time and no overcrowded studios to squeeze through. Are online exercise classes the future of fitness? We think so.

Online Exercise Classes to Try in 2023

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Online Yoga Classes

Why yoga? Perhaps the most relaxing form of exercise out there, yoga is designed to help ease stiff joints while promoting flexibility. It’s also shown to help relieve stress, promote mindfulness and improve your quality of sleep.

5 Classes To Try Now

The Yoga Library: Ideal for learners of all levels, Jaime Hepburn’s Yoga Library offers classes on various yoga practices.

Movement For Modern Life: With thousands of classes (as well as online events and live Q&As) a mere click away, Movement For Modern Life should offer any yoga class you’d like to try.

Fable’s 30-Day Yoga Series: Looking to ease yourself into a new fitness routine? This 30-day yoga series should do the trick.

In Your Element On Demand: This fairly new wellness platform specialises in holistic classes based around the four elements.

Yoga with Adriene: This YouTube channel offers free yoga videos for all levels, with 30-day challenges to get you started.

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Online Dance Classes

Why dance? Dance is a great way to make your workout routine feel a little more fun – especially when it comes with a great playlist. When we dance, we can work up sweat and engage multiple muscle groups for a full-body workout.

5 Classes To Try Now

Steezy: This is a studio-led online exercise platform designed to help you learn how to dance while keeping fit, as taught by dance instructors across a range of disciplines.

FRAME: Fitness without the fuss, FRAME’s dance classes are all about having fun while working out.

Pineapple: Iconic London dance studio Pineapple covers a huge range of genres, streaming its classes online for all levels.

City Academy Online: Here you can find classes led by choreographers and dancers with loads of teaching experience.

The London Academy of Dance: Ideal for fans of Latin dance, the Academy offers Salsa and Bachata classes in groups and one-on-one sessions.

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Online HIIT Classes

Why HIIT? A HIIT workout amps up your heart rate through short bursts of activity, meaning sessions are short and can fit in to busy schedules.

5 Classes To Try Now

FRAME: This London studio has HIIT workouts designed for every fitness level, all set to funky music to keep the buzz going.

Gymbox: HIIT sessions at Gymbox promise ‘the sweatiest sesh of your life’ and are set to nightclub classics.

Fiit: Here you’ll find daily livestreamed classes and on demand workout sessions across multiple difficulty levels.

SWEAT: The SWEAT app has classes that are designed for you to follow on the go,  and can link up with your Apple Watch whenever you need it.

The Body Coach: Joe Wicks’ YouTube channel and app have loads of easy-to-follow HIIT workouts that you can do at home.

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Online Pilates Classes

Why Pilates? Raved about by celebs and fitness coaches alike, Pilates is great for relieving tension, building strength and improving flexibility. And the best bit? You only need a mat.

5 Classes To Try Now

Heartcore: This London studio offers unlimited livestream and on demand classes to subscribers.

Pilates Live: Led by a a qualified physiotherapist, Pilates Live covers workouts that strengthen joints and muscles.

Paola’s Body Barre: You’re guaranteed to work up a sweat in these classes, which take place over Zoom and on the new PBB app.

FRAME: Did we mention we like FRAME? The studio has a range of Pilates classes covering the basics, as well as some more quirky offerings…

KARVE On Demand: Transformer Pilates studio KARVE has a huge on demand library of workouts that you can do anywhere and anytime.

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